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Because I can't keep an updated journal to save my life

So I was a runner and then I placed 1st in my age group at the Oak Apple Run June 2014 and in that race I fucked my ankle. No more running. Ankle surgery #2 in August 2014. Most painful thing in the entire world but good drugs are good.

Favorite niece ever Adylen was born 12/19/14. She is like my own child.

Nose surgery March 2015 and that was fun.

I went to see Sara August 2015.


I joined Jamberry 5/2/15.

I'm going to JamCon this August in Disney and I'm staying an extra day to hang out with Jen!!

Netflix and Hulu are life.

We're going to Cancun in September but I applied to 2 teaching jobs at OR so hopefully I'll get one of those and if I do then I will not be going to Cancun. But that's okay because teaching job > Cancun.
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First Dance

Title: First Dance
Pairing: Daniel/Vala, hint of Jack/Sam
Rating: K
Influenced by the song Better Place by Rachel Platten because she makes all the feels happen.
Summary: Daniel and Vala's first dance.
Word Count: 346
Spoilers: None
Timeline: Post movies, most likely.

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More Psych fic: Married Adventures

I suck at titles so not so appropriate title is not so appropriate

Title: Married Adventures
Rating: T
Pairing: Shules, some Lassiter/Marlowe
Spoilers: kind of if you’re not up to season 8
Disclaimer: I don’t own Psych. If I did Maggie would never be allowed to leave!


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Psych fic dump

I definitely didn't realize I wrote as many as I did already.

Title: FaceTime
Rating: K+
Pairing: Shules – duh :)
Spoilers: Season 8, specifically Cog Blocked
Disclaimer: Psych doesn’t belong to me; I just like to play with it.
I thought it was kind of weird that Shawn was worried about money all of the sudden and I felt like Gus would tell on him to Juliet.

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Title: Candy Hearts
Rating: K
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I only own the DVDs
Valentine’s Day fluff.

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‪Title: Moments
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Early Psych
Disclaimer: Can I buy Psych for $5?‬

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Title: Whatever It takes
Rating: T
Spoilers: 8.06!
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine or the show wouldn’t be ending.

I know this will definitely probably not happen on the show but I can dream, right?

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‪Title: Whatever It takes
Rating: M
Spoilers: 8.06!‬
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine or the show wouldn’t be ending.

This is the sexytiems version of the fic above.

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In which I suck at participating in landcomms

Sorry about that. I suck.

I went to Cancun a few weeks ago. It was nice and warm and nice and then I got sun poisoning and a stomach bug so the last 2 days were warm and sucky but warm.

Now I am peeling everywhere.

I'm also writing Psych fanfic. Ashely and I just rewatched it. <3 Psych.

Now we're rewatching Farscape.

I'm going to crosspost my Psych fanfic here eventually. Probably tonight.

Loki, our oldest dog - he's almost 9, pinched a nerve in his back last night. We took him to the vet and we're treating him with steroids and muscle relaxers. He takes those for a week and he has VERY restricted activity for the next two weeks. He is currently laying on my desk here at work. He was in a small cage (really a large cat carrier) and he kept crying because he is actually a 2 year old human person and wants to get his way all the time. He should be fine...but if it progresses (we really hope it doesn't) he'll have to get surgery. Yuck.

I need to make some Psych icons or something. Ughh effort.
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WTF, subconscious??

I had the weirdest fucking dream about zombies.

I was in a city - I am pretty sure it's Chicago because the book I just finished was set there. It was after some crazy zombie shit went down. Idk what but it was just an established fact in the dream. Zombies had kind of taken over the city but they weren't like Zombieland zombies, they were like World War Z, fast as hell zombies.

I was living in a high rise group apartment place. I had def just moved there in my dream.

The zombies, though, were like T-Rex. They couldn't see you if you were standing still. And they couldn't really hear either. So a group would run past and as long as you were standing still you were fine.

Zombies would take the elevator, too. So you had to be careful if you were trying to get on an elevator - you had to make sure there weren't any on there already.
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Pimping like a pimp

I just joined tv_universe. You should, too!

A landcomm for any and all TV shows (including TV shows, TV mini-series, web-series, made-for-TV movies and made-for-streaming shows, reality TV, and theatrical movies that directly continue a TV series).

I'm on Team Bunny ears. Come join us and have some landcomm fun!