Aly (alygator) wrote,

May 12 of 12

I remembered this month thanks to a text from Jaime yesterday.

8:06 - I woke up at 8, and as usual when I come down stairs libby wants to play

8:11 - checked my email for the morning.

8:18 - showerrrr

8:45 got to work.

12:41 - Slurpeeeeees!!!

1:04 - yes my lunch was slurpee and harvest cheddar sun chips.

5:05 - I got home and Loki and Libby are waiting to say hi.

5: 20 - Going to class

5: 45 - Reading the short story I probably should have read before today.

8:14 - I was really bored in class so I left early. Bye school!

8: 30ish - Chili for dinner and piiiieeeeee

10:02 - typing up the newest Death of Lexie and Rose ideas I came up with in class.
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