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US Airways

They suck. Really, truly suck. The way down to Vegas was fine because it was a direct flight. But on the way back... our flight was at 4:11pm and we were going to Phoenix then on to Detroit. Well our plane was coming from San Jose but had mechanical problems and was delayed so much that we wouldn't have made our connection to Detroit. The guys at the boarding desk place were not helpful nor very nice in seeing if any other airlines had flights to Detroit. Finally my mom went to customer service and there weren't any open flights on any other airlines. We had to wait 9 hours for the flight to Philadelphia at 11:45 that night. They were so nice they gave us $5 meal vouchers. Oh boy!!!!

9 hours after we got to the airport we got on the plane to Philly. My mom and her friend who I was with sat a couple rows behind me and my mom said that a guy switched seats and ended up sitting with them and they freakin gave him free drinks. For switching seats! We were in the airport for 9 hours and we get $5 of nothing and Mr. Move Over gets free drinks.

So we got to Philly and got from A terminal to freakin BFE F terminal. There are these guys trying to get you to sign up for US Airways credit card to get a free round trip ticket and whatever the hell else. The guy at terminal F tried talking to me and I just had it. I was like 'No! no, no no. I have had THE longest day' he tried to say something else but i just walked away. THEN on my way back past him he tried to talk to me again!!! omfg. Anyway... we took off on time and got to Detroit about 11:30am. only 10 hours after we were supposed to get here.

US Airways sucks ass.
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