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July 12 of 12

Halfway through June 12 i remembered it was 12 of 12 but I didnt have my camera with me anyway :p
This is Chad Darnell's idea.

  10:33 - I needed new batteries if I was going to continue taking pictures today.

10:37 - my mom was watching Stargate Atlantis before I got up.

10:45 - checking my email

11:57 - PB&J for breakfast

12:14 - the cousins from TN are in for the weekend and they got to our house so we could do something

12:30 - heading downtown to the science center

1:03 - yaaaay science center!!

5:43 - parked in Greektown and all 14 of us are heading to a resturant

6:03 - OPA!! flaming saganaki. I love greek food

7:48 - mmmm cold stone :D (Still in greektown)

10:52 - Sam came over and a couple of the cousins were here - the others went to the 'River Walk'. I had to uninstall Freetime because I couldnt find disk 1 and then i could finally play with the Ikea Home Stuff

11:40ish - checking the DLC
Tags: +12 of 12, ~family
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