May 1st, 2016

SG: dala unending

First Dance

Title: First Dance
Pairing: Daniel/Vala, hint of Jack/Sam
Rating: K
Influenced by the song Better Place by Rachel Platten because she makes all the feels happen.
Summary: Daniel and Vala's first dance.
Word Count: 346
Spoilers: None
Timeline: Post movies, most likely.

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GA: harper avery foundation

Because I can't keep an updated journal to save my life

So I was a runner and then I placed 1st in my age group at the Oak Apple Run June 2014 and in that race I fucked my ankle. No more running. Ankle surgery #2 in August 2014. Most painful thing in the entire world but good drugs are good.

Favorite niece ever Adylen was born 12/19/14. She is like my own child.

Nose surgery March 2015 and that was fun.

I went to see Sara August 2015.


I joined Jamberry 5/2/15.

I'm going to JamCon this August in Disney and I'm staying an extra day to hang out with Jen!!

Netflix and Hulu are life.

We're going to Cancun in September but I applied to 2 teaching jobs at OR so hopefully I'll get one of those and if I do then I will not be going to Cancun. But that's okay because teaching job > Cancun.