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06 May 2010 @ 08:02 pm
 Stolen from owinalove <3

1. The first character I fell in love with: Claire
2. The character I never expected to love as much I do now: Ben
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: idk
4. The character I love that everyone else hates: again idk
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Sayid
6. The character I would date anytime: Jack
7. The character I want to be like: Rose
8. The character I’d slap: Michael
9. A pairing that I love: Sun and Jin, Sawyer and Juliet, Jack and Kate
10. A pairing that I hate: Sawyer and Kate
11. Favourite character: Kate maybe
12. My Five favourite characters: Kate, Hurley, Juliet, Jack, Charlie
13. My five least favourite characters: Michael, Ana Lucia, Libby, Locke, Walt
14. Which character I am most like: Possibly Juliet
Current Mood: excitedexcited