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I had the apicoectomy today. I wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be after the 5 or 6 shots of novicane. It was like a party in my mouth with the doctor and two assistants. Too bad more people weren't invited. We could have had a lot of fun with the water and the little tiny drill and everything.
Aaaaanyway I have 3 stitches...they feel weird. And I'm not allowed to brush my teeth until next week when i get the stitches out - i have this mouthwash stuff its minty. i dont like mint but i have no choice! The meds i got...motrin 600's AND vicoden but I dont like vicoden because it makes me tired so the motrin is just fine.
Tomorrow im going to buy a mother's day present for my mom then hang out with Erica, Dustin, Alex, and Craig and this weekend we're cleaning out the basement :p
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