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01 July 2010 @ 07:01 pm
25 Days of Grey's Anatomy - Day 17  
 Day 17 is Least Favorite Character (up to 3)

Lexie Grey
I hated her when she came because she was all LETS BE SISTERSSS. Then I liked her and she was ok. Now I don't like her again. She's annoying and I don't like her. 

He's Burke. He's arrogant and  an ass and, yeah, he loved Cristina but he pushed her to be who he wanted her to be. And he's arrogant. He's Burke.

Erica Hahn
She was a good surgeon but she was a bitch, she wouldn't teach Cristina, she was a bitch, and she left Callie. Bitch.  
Current Mood: sicksick