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04 July 2010 @ 02:14 am
Phoebe and Tori-less day 1  
Dear Phoebe and Tori,

Today was pretty good. I slept for 11 hours, woke up, ate, twittered, watched an episode of Farscape and was sent to have a nap because I still felt crappy. 3 hours later (2 hours sleeping) I got up again. Starbucks and Taco Bell, more twittering and then it was time for my party - the Fireworks Extravaganza. It was fun! There was food and talking and food and talking and more food. Then sparklers then fireworks that don't leave the ground because those are illegal in Michigan. Then more sparklers.

We went inside because it "got cold" but it was actually quite nice out. We started playing Taboo which is a fun game. You have a word that you want to get the other people on your team to guess but theres a list of words that you can't say in describing the top word. "It has a stick on its face and you can ride it" yeah that was unicorn. Had Phoebe or Nikki been there an acceptable description would have been "What Phoebe wanted to turn Nikki and I into with a spork".

After taboo, my sister brought down her hair weaves and Kate (Addie) put one in and we put some on Ben. He looked funny. Then I got to be the barbie as she showed everyone back combing. There are pictures. They will probably be on facebook. I look crazy.

Phoebe, I told Kate about the ninja dog Mark and Teddy are gonna get and that they'll name it Jelly. She said that was weird. I told her it was funny. But probably only funny to us. She asked "Which us? Mark, Teddy, and you?" And i said, "Yes, and Phoebe. But not funny to you and Addie apparently. And I haven't decided if Derek and Amelia find it funny yet". Its after 2 am and I'm tired so if that isn't funny to you as well, I apologize lol.
Tori, I'm sorry your phone broke. That sucks. I was looking forward to staying up with you and really hoping I could. Seeing as I had 13 hours of sleep and my party went til 1:30, I'd say i probably could have lol

Totally jealous of both of your abilities to go to the beach.

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Alyalygator on July 10th, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
Damn permits. you need permits for everything fun.

Taboo is fun. One word was peacock and Sam said 'we see these walking around the zoo' and my sister was trying to think of it and she goes *clap clap clap point* PEACOCK! So now, when we go to the zoo in August and see them, thats what we're doing lol

Kate is a lamebutt when it comes to Sleddy. Pilar might be the shit, but Sleddy is the shit too.