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07 July 2010 @ 12:09 am
Phoebe and Tori-less Day 4  
 Dear Phoebe and Tori

I woke up at 6ish because Libby wanted out - Libby sleeps with me, Louie sleeps with my parents and Loki and Lex sleep with my sister - I checked twitter on my phone and fell asleep only to dream about Phoebe's tweets. Which is weird because they were not normal tweets. If I remembered what they were I would tell you. Then in the dream I would reply. When I woke up I was very confused. Today I was not supposed to work and I woke up at 10:30. I talked to Holly (who works the days I don't) on facebook chat and she was talking about how she didn't feel well. If she had told my mom that, she wouldn't be there. So I took a shower, went to the banks (yes, 2 banks) and then went to work and made Holly go home. 

So I worked for 4 hours. But there wasn't much work so I twittered for  4 hours. 

After work I messed with Sue again. If she wasn't so reactive about everything, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. She blocked me on aly_gator and aly_co. I'm following her with Amelia now and her meredith and the new derek. Its just so funny to see her reaction. Ohhh, if it weren't so amusing. She unfriended me on facebook but all her stuff is set to public so i can still see it. I refriended her anyway to see what she does. 

I really wanna know what Phoebe was doing at noon! She tweeted that she wanted it to be noon so now I have to know. Although, I'll probably find out before you read these.

I need to write another adventure chapter and another chapter of the MT baby!fic. the next chapter might just be parts of her pregnancy. then after that when they have the baby. idk. and I need to write dirty fics! OMG! baaahhh. I need to be in the dirty fic writing mood. 

Like 4 days until I see...talk to you guys. 

Miss you and love you

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