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13 July 2010 @ 12:45 pm
Phoebe and Tori are back and I'm done with the 25 Days of Grey's....its weird not to be posting things everyday.

Last night I was going though my userpics because I was at 14 out of 15 and I wanted more so i swapped some. But this morning I looked into a paid account and its $20 for a year and I get 35 userpics and other cool things. So I did it.

Chapter 5 of my Mark and Teddy baby!fic is finally complete. After chatting with Nikki about various things she gave me an idea for the next chapter so I figured out how to finish this chapter. Yaaayyy.


I'm collecting quotes from Grey's, Private Practice, LOST and House to make more quote icons. Give me quotes!! And be sure to tell me what show they're from.
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