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27 August 2010 @ 01:20 am
New Girl  
 After 2 days of interviews and a ton of resumes we have hired Holly's replacement. Her name is Amanda. She will be going to the same school I go to. Her mom is the office manager in the Career Services office and saw our job posting. Amanda wants to go into law, she'd like to be a lawyer but theres so much schooling involved. But with the experience of working in a law office, she'd be able to get into working at other law firms as a legal assistant or paralegal depending on how much experience she has. She doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy but she does watch House so we're ok hehe.

She handled our crazy very well hahah. And she joked around with us. She was there for like an hour and a half because we were all talking - me, my mom, my sister (idk why she was there) and Holly were all talking with her. And Heather and my stepdad popped in. I think she'll be fun to work with. She starts training Monday and she'll come in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday so Holly and I can train her and then Thursday school starts so it'll be just her up front. Yaaayy!

Before Amanda came in it was between the first Amanda and Kim. And then this Amanda was awesome and we were like ok! You're in! 

Yay for awesome interviews.

Tomorrow at work I get to go though my How To's and make sure they're still correct and make Amanda a folder with all the necessary docs for various tasks, especially proofs of service with her name on them. AND I have to change the letterhead. 


Always remember to proof read your resume, make sure it has a good font, and make sure you have a nicely stated objective. We tossed out a few resumes because they had errors, had a bad font and couldn't be read, or had a crap objective.

When you're called for an interview, be polite and professional - the call is your first impression. Holly flagged 2 resumes as "No's" before they even came in because she didn't like their attitude on the phone. 

Don't no show. Call if you're not going to come. Its polite and looks good if you ever want to try and apply again. 
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Anywhere_But_NJ: Zell thumbs upanywhere_but_nj on August 27th, 2010 10:32 am (UTC)
Yay! Congrats on getting someone awesome!

That's why I had a good feeling about my job - my interview was an hour long but it didn't feel like it and the principal called in the person who works with student affairs about half through to talk to me.

You mean....my BRIGHT YELLOW resume with HOT PINK font isn't professional and can't be read? :(