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03 September 2010 @ 11:45 am
First day of classes and other things  
Work is boring. jsyk


Classes started yesterday and I had EED 420 - Instructional Interaction in (and?) Classroom Management.  This was our schedule for the 3 hour and 20 minute class

This is what we're doing for 3 hours and 20 minutes on Twitpic

We didn't take the second break and instead got out 10 minutes early which is a good deal. I love the elementary ed program. We make name tags for every class XD. "Sharing" was a group activity. First we had to write down how we describe ourselves. Then we got into groups of 4 and we had to pictorally represent the traits we had in common and our invidual traits. My groups common traits were 'fun', 'creative', 'loves children' (duh - elem ed program), and 'caring'. We drew a big circle, we each traced one of our hands then the art major in the group drew 4 children with their heads meeting in the center. On the children we wrote the common traits. Around the edge of the circle we wrote our individual traits and we wrote our name in our hand tracing. It was pretty cool if I say so myself.

Having ADD  with a 3 hour long class can be annoying. I  have learned, the less I'm doing at any given time, the more I fidget and move around. So in class I was texting Sam and Sara and, for a short time, Kate, and tweeting/replying to mentions. While I was doing that I was also contributing to the discussion or watching the DVD about boys. It was an interesting DVD and I think my prof didn't nail me on texting because I ~was contributing. I was the first person to talk after the video. Go me!

We won't have too much homework. The only huge looking thing is the gender book presentations. 4 books, 8 groups. We read a book, present it somehow (we'll the guidelines soon) and the class grades us. Then we have 1 big paper, 4 small reflection papers, A classroom management plan, and a personal diversity journey presentation. Then the final is like meeting with the prof and just talking. So I'm pretty sure the hardest will be the presentations.

I have my second class on Tuesday - EED 354 but idr what its called. It's also 3 hours (and 20 mins) :p ugh

Parking at school!

Construction for the med school started. Lot 1 which is (was) the biggest parking lot and where pretty much everyone tries to park is insane the first few weeks of school. Even more so since they decided to take up half of it with buidling the health sciences building. OH! But they made up for it by expanding the overflow lot over in BFE. Ok, thanks. 

Theres also random construction between the student center and the dorms because the sidewalk needs to be bigger?? Thankfully, both my classes are in the Ed building on the other side of the chaos...i mean campus and I had no problem finding a parking spot over there. I feel bad for the people who need to park in lot 1 because their classes are in the North and/or South Foundation Halls (right across from Lot 1).


Amanda is doing really well! Monday started her training and I was just explaining things to her as I did them. Holly had her Tuesday and got her started on answering the phone. I had her again Wednesday and I made her answer the phone every time and I had her doing the work as I explained how to do it. She caught on pretty quickly! 

Yesterday she was on her own and only called me twice. I got to work today and she had inputted an initial intake form and left a note asking me to look it over. She did awesomely!! I'm so happy we hired her.


Laura broke up with her boyfriend after she got back from Spain cuz she didn't feel romantic feelings anymore which is fine because I didn't like him.

Sam and I still haven't really hung out one on one. I go to her work but that's it. Meh. Whatever.

Sara is at Rutgerssss!! She doesn't like it too much but that's ok. I hope it gets better for her. She said after this year she's going to transfer to the campus by her house and i don't blame her.

Steph! My twin has been quite busy - with work and maybe school, idr - and shes a spazzy forgetful head - which I already know - so I send her messages and she'll get them eventually. And she did! and then sent me an email that made me smile because I wasn't expecting it. She should get pingchat!! omg I'll tell her to do that.

Phoebe is leaving me to go to China in a week. For like 17 days! 1 - totally jealous, 2 - that's a long time!! 3 - I shall have to write her messages again like I did when she went to Queensland. Because we DM quite a bit and I'm gonna have a lot to tell her after 17 days.

I think that's it. I'll post about my Tuesday class and the awesome or not so awesome things involved with that class :p
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Anywhere_But_NJ: butterflyanywhere_but_nj on September 3rd, 2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
This class looks like it's beyond amazing for an education class! hahaha

Glad Amanda is doing well. That's very awesome.

Rutgers! That's where my fappy goes! And is only about 20 minutes away from me! :D
Aly: Cuddy coffeealygator on September 3rd, 2010 03:52 pm (UTC)
It should be interesting. We're spending a lot of time taking about gender differences and I find that interesting (way to be repetitive)

Yeah it is! I'm really glad

fappy Geof? Sara lives...uhhh i forget what its called but she's like 20 mins from Philadelphia.
Carlithielcarlithiel on September 3rd, 2010 04:31 pm (UTC)
I think your class sounds totally amazing, I'm mostly bored with the stuff I had to do (not always, we also had some pretty great classes but they're rare).
And I'm happy for you that your new colleague is doing so well, which means it's going to be less stressful for you (hopefully).
Alyalygator on September 3rd, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
I know in the other class we have to do lesson plans and a big lesson plan thingy in our field placement. I'm nervous about that