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08 September 2010 @ 12:02 pm
Class that will probably kill me  
My Tuesday class I had for the first time yesterday. Its EED 354 - Instructional Design and Assessment.

Instructional design
"The systematic and reflective process of translating principles of leaning and instruction into plans for instructional materials, activites, information, resources and evaluation (assessments)." (i didnt write down where the quote was from)

In other words - designing how you run your lessons. And then also about assessments.

This class has 3 tests, 1 paper (it was 4 but she has 2 or 3 EED 310 classes which is the first Ed class and they have 5 reflection papers to write and she didn't want to read 180 more papers from us), 5 small homeworks, and our giant semester long project of doom.

Ok, its not really doom it just seems like it because its huge. But she broke it up into three parts to make it easier to manage and less stressful. The first thing we had to do is look up the curriculum frameworks content standards (don't worry if you dont understand that. it pretty much means we have to pick out three statements for the curriculum stating what students will have learned after completing these areas - Jaime, lmk if you have an easier/better way of explaining it). After we pick out three different content standards, we show them to her and she'll tell us which one(s) will be easiest to work with.

The first big part of the project is coming up with the goals. The goals are what you want the students to achieve with the lesson. There are more than you think.

The second part is coming up with an assessment  - how you will be evaluating the students after the lesson. It can be a test or having them do a demonstration, anything that can measure how much they got out of the lesson. We'll also be coming up with a list of activities that can be paired with each goal. If a goal is that the student will be able to tell time then you would take that goal and list all the possible activities you can think of to help reach that goal.

The third part is writing the lesson plan. I think that may be the easiest part of the whole thing.

When you see it all together it's very scary and overwhelming and I was kind of freaked out yesterday. But we have 14 weeks to do it, she's going to help and its broken into parts. So it won't be horrible.

All in all, with these two classes it should be pretty interesting.
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Anywhere_But_NJ: teacheranywhere_but_nj on September 8th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
Breathe, love.

You'll be fine :)
And you'll do amazing