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16 September 2010 @ 06:22 pm
Phoebeless note 4/Amanda quit  
RP Wifey

Yesterday was pretty good. I read all the stuff I had to read for class and i did all the work I had to do. Amanda had left early on Tuesday because she was sick. My sister doesn't think she was sick. 

Because today Amanda didn't show up. Lyle called her and the first time her 3 year old (yes, she has a 3 year old and shes 21. oops) answered and said hold on but then hung up. Lyle called again and it rain to voicemail so he left a message which she never returned. On facebook she turned off her wall - which is weird. Come on. If you're gonna quit, you don't just not show up. 

My mom was at work until she had to go to the dentist  and my sister went in after her class. I ended up only being in class for an hour.  All we did was meet in our groups for a presentation we have to do next week. After class I went to work so I was there from 2 to 5. Blaaahhh. My mom called Ashley and Kim - the two we liked before. Ashley got another job but Kim did not. I'm excited because her name is Kim. She's coming in tomorrow for a couple hours for some training.

I get to change the letterheads AGAIN. Ugh. And make Kim her own folder. Fun fun fun :p

I changed the colors and stuff on my journal. And I did a challenge for scifiland. I have to go upload to 100 icons i made for another scifiland challenge and I've done everything for shondaland seeing as phase 1 ends Saturday and Doctorshowland hasn't started yet. And I've done all the school work I want to do atm lol. Go me! 

Kate seems to be talking to me. I texted her and my friend Laura saying I wouldn't be working out today because I got out of class super early and had to go to work and Kate replied. So idk lol