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21 September 2010 @ 05:35 pm
Phoebeless note 6  
Hai, Phoebe, Hai

Sunday on Linda, @sesaam, and I were talking at Sarah Drew on twitter. We got no response so we started talking at Nora Zehetner (Reed) and she actually replied to us a few times. And a few other people. It was cool. Then we started including Robert Baker (Percy) in our conversation and monday he talked to us lol and Sarah Drew got around to replying too. 

I wrote my reflection paper about the talk I went to on Friday about race and ethnicity and I managed to include Twitter, Grey's, and Nora lol, and I posted it here.

ummmmm nothing else exciting has happened. House was AWESOME. The Event was nuts. Chuck was also good :D. GLEE IS ON TONIGHT!! 

I've done all the challenges for Scifiland except for the video, I need to do, i think, challenge 2 on doctorshowland, and I've done all the challenges for Shonda_land. And I've gotten all my homework done. I think i'm pretty much made of awesome. 

Class today, we got more assigned for our big project and I'm kind of freaking out again. Not as much as before. More like 'omg we have to do this for everything when we're teachers? I'm never going to be able to do this.' But I can! I hope.

I bought a ball python from my friend and hes coming tomorrow :D His name shall be Percy hehehe. 

That will make work fun tomorrow (hes being delivered to work since i'll be there). 

Miss you!

<3 Aly