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22 September 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Phoebeless note 7  
BB! I talked to you last night!! 

Today started out good. Smiggle has a free shipping (In Aus and NZ) thing going on so i bought some stuff and sent it to Steph so that she can send it to me. But then I was at work and the snake came but the snake had died :( I talked to my friend Britt, who I bought him from, and she said he was fine when she shipped him. We're thinking it was just too stressful for him and hes young so he died :(((

So that sucks.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find a time to build a rack system with Sam as a more efficient and space saving way to house my terrestrial geckos. She doesn't have much free time and suggest I just buy one but the ones I want to buy are like $500. But then I found a posting on a reptile forum and someone used a shelving storage unit from IKEA. It holds tubs that have lids and heat tape can go down the back of the unit. Its PERFECT! So I'm going to get that. And everything all together costs about $150. Sweet deal.

That doesn't suck so much. haha.

I never got more black ink for my printer so my teacher is getting another blue paper tomorrow. Oh well lol. Tomorrow = doom in the 6th grade field placement, a group presentation in class then Bones, Grey's and PP. Tomorrow should be better.

miss youuuu

<3 Aly