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26 September 2010 @ 08:06 pm
Phoebeless note 8  

You're back so I need to do the last night. Not that its too exciting. Friday...OH We went to Ikea after work and bought 2 shelving units to put my geckos in. I love Ikea. Then Saturday my moms friend from Ohio came to visit. We hung out and went out to dinner then I made 7x01 icons. Oh and I tweeted with Sarah Drew a little bit. 
Today we had bagels with her and went shopping and then she had to leave. then I put my ikea shelves together and I've been on twitter. and you need to read your ping! LOL And theres other things I need to talk to you about later. Oh and you read the ping. You're awesome. 

My weekend was very boring lol I got awesome boots XD 

And this girl tweeted at Mark talking about the MDrp so i replied and she was like oh you're awesome, will you follow me? So he did. And now she keeps tweeting and psyching me out because i think its someone in the rp and i get excited then sad LOL

Anyway, I'm sure I'll talk to you lots soon.

<3 Aly