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28 September 2010 @ 04:50 pm
Kim quit :p and other stuff  
Kim the new new girl quit today. That's totally awesome (sense my sarcasm?). And she was our fall back person from the last batch of resumes so we posted the job on career services again. This is getting very annoying. Ughhh.

My field placement is going well. I went again today and I attended another team meeting. They talked about Homecoming and Field Trips and I get a little input about Spirit Week XD. I helped a girl with the morning math sheet then I went over the answers while the kids corrected a neighbor's paper. I worked with a group of kids reading a story and I observed a math lesson.

Class was long and we have a test Tuesday :O But I think I'll do ok. I think everyone in the Tuesday class is in the Thursday class, including my group from the Thursday class and Caitlin knows someone who took our Tuesday already so she got the tests from him so that we could see the format and stuff so I feel more confident than if i hadn't seen how her tests are.

I'm excited that Phoebe is back. I had missed talking to her so much :D but its a little weird getting back into rp after having automatic updates scheduled for the last 2 1/2 weeks lol. Its fun though. In the other rp, I switched with my person. I was Mark and she was Teddy but now I'm Teddy and I'm so excited to be Teddy! And Jen is excited because Teddy and Izzie can be friends hehe.

I have 2 challenges to finish for Scifiland (bad fic) and Shonda land (cross fandom fic) but thats it, I'm pretty sure. I want my headache to go away but this weather sucks so its not helping. Glee and Detroit 187 tonight!!
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