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18 October 2010 @ 12:49 pm
Field placement update  
I went on Thursday to my field and they were taking the MEAP (the Michigan Education Assessment Program) - a stupid standardized test (IMO). The 6th graders weren't taking the writing portion and my cooperating teacher was going to be proctoring the exam for the 7A class because they had a sub. Her class went to 7A's room and 7A went up with her. I stayed with the 6th graders and they had an ELA packet for the fables they already read and Halloween related worksheets as busy work.

I went though the packet with them and that was kind of fun. Semantic mapping was crazy. It was simple. 4 boxes - the word, the meaning, related words, and using the word in a sentence. Had I had more prep time with the packet I would have had the related words before hand. But no. So I went to google on my phone, searched thesaurus and used that lol.

Once they were done with the packet they did the Halloween stuff - math problems, word search, cross word, word unscramble, fill in the verb. I let them work together and I gave some hits for different things.

My cooperating teacher recently implemented a check list due to behavior problems. It has all their names and across the top is a list of offenses such as horse play, instigating conflict, not being prepared, etc and they're organized by consequence - detention, suspension, referral. I had the checklist. One girl hit another and she hit back so they got checks. The the same girl who hit, was being antagonizing with a boy and it was going to escalate so they both got checks. then the girl proceeded to say she didn't care about her checks then went to bitch about them and me to her friends. It was kinda funny. 

I left at 11 to go to class. I'm going again tomorrow and I don't have class on Thursday!!