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03 November 2010 @ 02:13 pm
I'm a slaker  
I'm a slacker and I haven't updated. I've been busy and I had bronchitis the week before Halloween.

My field placement is going well. Last week (Thursday when I was feeling better), I designed and led an activity for adjectives which that are currently learning about. I divided the class into 3 groups and gave each group a different type of candy. They were to use adjectives to describe the candy and they could touch it, smell it, taste it whatever. Then I had each group tell me what they came up with and i wrote it on a big sheet of paper so they can look at it later. It went really well and it was fun.

I have three more visits until I have my hours and the semester is done.

I get bronchitis every few months because I have asthma and I dont get to just get a cold. I was expecting it soon but i'd rather it was in November. But, whatever. I got a z-pack and i was only sick sick for like 3 days. It started on Sunday, I didnt go to work on Monday and I didnt go to class on Tuesday (and I also went to bed at 8 on Tuesday :O) but I'm better now. I just have a cough :p

The semester is almost over and I can't believe it. I have my second (of 3) test in my tuesday class next week and stage 2 of our project is due. I'm excited for it to be over but at the same time I'm not because I hate winter and cold and next semester I have math at 8am :( And Phoebe is going to France for 6 weeks and there will be snow here and I hate the cold. But in February I'm going to Mexico so its not that bad. But I hate the cold. Once I get my masters I'm sooo moving some place warm *coughcough* IwantajobinAustralia *coughcough*

I haven't even done the icons for the last grey's ep. I'll do them with this weeks ep.

I was re-re-rehammering in the black fencing for Halloween and I kept missing and hitting my hand...in the same spot. The bruise is a lot bigger than the area that hurts and thankfully now it only hurts when I poke it.

I've started watching Third Watch. I watched it years ago; I don't even know what season it was and I didn't even realize Kim Raver was in it until a few months ago. All I remember was that I liked Faith, Bosco, and Kim Zambrano (KR's character). I was saying oh yeah I'll watch it soon. Then Phoebe got Season 1 for her birthday and started watching it and telling me things and I gave in. I found it on youtube and I'm halfway though season 1. Its so awesome. And I love Kim, Faith, and Bosco. I love Kim the most hehe.

I'm going to get back to fic writing.
dess: greysdess_xo on November 5th, 2010 09:07 am (UTC)
I'm glad you are feeling ok now :)