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Buffy sing a long

I went to the Buffy sing a long tonight at the Main Art Theater and it was done Rocky Horror style. We got a little bag with vampire teeth, a party popper, bubbles, a kazoo, and a little finger monster. Before the show there was a little trivia thing, a Buffy-oke where 2 people did a scene that was playing on the scene and they said the lines lol. There were two videos. One was Coin Operated Boy and it was mostly about Riley rofl. Then right before Once More with Feeling they played the scene from that ep where Anya gets stabbed by Buffy then has that little dream about singing  'I'll be his missus' and all that. Then the show!
The vampire teeth were for when Spike sang his song and he vamped out at the cemetary. We were to put them in and sing the rest of the song lol.
The party popper we popped right at the end of Tara's song when she sings "You make me complete, you make me complete. You make me *popper*"
The bubbles were for Dawn's little dance thing since theres nothing else to do.
The Kazoo is for the Life is a Show song when Buffy says "I think i was in heaven" We blew the kazoo every time she said 'heaven' because it was the same note lol.
Theeeee little finger monster was for the end - the 'grrrr argh!'
Whenever Dawn said something stupid/anything we would say 'SHUT UP DAWN!!" And I got a sticker and button after the show that say shut up dawn. Umm during Giles' little rock ballad everyone took out cell phones/lighters and waved them back and forth. When Spike showed up we woooooo-ed him :D OH! When the first guy danced and burned we chanted 'burn! burn! burn!' During the Fire Let it burn song at the last 3 burns we did the wave.

It was amazing and theres going to be one in Ann Arbor in september. I'm soooo going!  
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