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06 April 2011 @ 03:00 pm
I have some time to post. I'm at work and I've usually been doing all my homework at work because, really, if I have all my work in the morning I'm done before noon lol.

Math has been kicking my ass but thanks to my genius Australian bffs (Steph and Phoebe) and Jaime and The Great (just made that up) I am getting better! I've gone from from failing to a 67% to now a 74%. Hurray! 

Teaching Reading and Teaching Language Arts - soooo easy. In Teaching Reading I had to do IRI and DRA reading assessments on a student in my field placement and write it up as a case study and it seemed hard but it was easy. Teaching LA is like suuuper easy. We've had 5 quick writes of which i've gotten 100%. We haven't gotten the last one back yet but I'm like 39043% sure i got 10/10 on it. I had my lesson presentation last week and I was nervous but friends in class said I did well. And we have a group presentation in 2 weeks.

Teaching Reading - I've gotten 100% on everything so far and on the midterm I got 97% so im thinking i'll get like a 3.8 in that class.

My field placement was awesome. I love the kids so much! And the cooperating teacher was really cool - we're facebook friends now lol. Second and third grades are def my favorites.

Soooooooo looking forward to the semester being over. Math quiz tomorrow, turning in my math extra credit then the final on the 26th, Tuesday i just have to do my lit centers and I'll be done with those two classes. Then 2 more weeks of Monday class and then the final the 25th and I'll be done in 3 weeks :D

I'm getting a new laptop! The trust approved my request and they're sending me a check and I'm getting a macbook pro with 8gig of RAM and a 500 gig HD. Woot woot!! 

Next week or the week after Phoebe is going to teach me to make gifs...maybe on my new laptop. WEEEEEEEE. I'm also excited about the fact that we're skyping so that she can show me how to make them because we haven't done that in....a v long time.
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