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19 May 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Grey's Anatomy fic: Complicated  
Title: Complicated
Chapter: 1
Rating: PG-13/Rish
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Mark and Teddy. Some Callie/Arizona.
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me. 
Summary: Takes place after 7x21. onlywordsnow  wanted me to write this so I am. I'm sure there will be a chapter 2. Its all up to what she wants me to write. 

Teddy gets off the elevator on the fifth floor, heading to Callie and Arizona’s apartment and realizes how late it was. Sofia is probably sleeping; Callie and Arizona are probably both exhausted. She pauses in the hallway for a moment before turning to her left. Mark would still be awake.

She knocks on the door and after waiting just a few seconds he opens it, looking slightly surprised to see her.

“Hey, Teddy,” he greets the blonde, “Want to come in?”

“Yeah,” she walks in after he opens the door wider and moves to the side to let her in. As soon as he closes it she begins to talk. “Andrew wants me to go to Germany with him and Henry got a job but I slept with him.”

Mark, taken off guard by her coming to his apartment and talking to him – alone – watches her pace slightly as she speaks, almost rambling.

“Why are you talking to me?” he asks, wondering if he was even the first choice for this discussion topic.

She stops her pacing to look at him, “you were always a good listener and I needed someone to talk to.”

“And you picked me because…?” there are a bunch of other people who were good listeners.

Teddy gives him a look, almost asking him to rephrase his question in a way that doesn’t make him sound like an ass.

“I didn't mean it like that,” he shakes his head, “I meant, after what I did, you're talking to me about relationships?"

She realizes he has a point. "God, I don't know, Mark, I'm desperate. It can wait until tomorrow. I'll just talk to Arizona tomorrow,” she moves to the door to leave.

Mark reaches out, lighting touching her arm to stop her, “"No, stay, talk to me. I've been home all day with no adult conversation. You can talk to me."

Running her hand though her hair with a sigh she continues again, “I think I like Henry and I don't know if I want to go to Germany. I like Andrew but… its Germany. Its far and I did the whole going away not knowing anyone thing. I like it here.” She explains before realizing his hand is still on her arm. “Mark?”

"Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. I just, I think you should stay, and not for this Henry guy, but stay for you. Stay because you want to. Because when you give up everything for someone you love, you start to hate yourself and resent them."

She narrows her eyes, "When did you get so smart?" She knows she is going to have to tell Andrew she can’t go with him after all.

Mark smirks slightly, “I know exactly what you need.”

He leads her to the couch, has her sit down then goes to the kitchen to grab some beers. He pops off the tops and sits down next to her, holding one out for her. “What do you want to watch? I have Netflix, so pick a movie.”


Somewhere during the middle of the movie, he feels her head resting on his shoulder. When the movie ends and she doesn't sit up, he knows she has fallen asleep.

Carefully, he moves from under her head and guides her body to lie down on the couch. He picks up the blanket thats resting on the back of the couch and gently covers her with it; there is no way he could wake her up, she looks too peaceful and he is not going to disturb her.


Teddy wakes up not where she expects to be. She’s on a couch and she can smell bacon. Then she remembers she fell asleep part way though a movie she was watching with Mark.

She sits up; trying to fix her hair which she knows is a mess.

“Good morning,” Mark greets from across the small apartment in the kitchen.

She looks over in that direction, not fully awake yet and wraps herself in the blanket that she woke up covered up with. “Good morning. You didn’t wake me up last night.”

He brings over a cup of coffee and passes it to her, taking in her sleepy state with a grin, “You were sleeping and it was too late to have you drive home tired.”

“Thanks,” she smiles gratefully, taking the mug, “and thank you for letting me stay the night.”

“Any time,” he returns the smile; they had only had a few sleepovers when they dated last year but he loves how she looks right after waking up, “Bacon is almost done. How do you want your eggs?”


Mark had invited Teddy to lunch with him, Callie and Arizona; with Sofia as a guest. Arizona’s surgery ran over and Callie stopped to get Sofia so that made the trio slightly late to lunch.

"Do you want me to hold her while you go get food?" Teddy asks. She has already finished eating and she is enjoying the company of her friends.

"Yeah," Callie smiles, "she'll get to spend some time with her Aunt Teddy."

Callie passes her Sofia, who seems slightly bored but she snuggles into Teddy. Teddy smiles at her.

"Hey, Sofia. What do you think of the cafeteria?"

"She likes you," Arizona grins, "she's started to fuss when new people hold her but not with you. You like Teddy, don't you big girl?"

"She's so sweet," Teddy smiles.

"Thanks," Arizona replies smiling back, "so what happened with Andrew?" She already knows that Henry asked for a divorce and was given it, he didn't want to compete with Andrew and Teddy had told her they hadn't really talked since.

Teddy glances at Mark who is watching her with Sofia - who seems to be completely enthralled with the cardiothoracic surgeon - then looks back to her best friend. "It wasn't the right thing for me. It seemed like a great idea and I really like Andrew but I just wasn't ready to move halfway around the world with him, you know?"


Going to Mark's apartment after work becomes almost a routine. They sit around, eating whatever take out had been chosen for that night and talk.

During her visits over the last few weeks, they talked about all sorts of things; but usually surgery and Sofia and the ridiculous things people put on online dating profiles even though Teddy had given up on meeting someone online.

One night, surgery runs over and Teddy gets there a little later than usual. She knocks on the door and is greeted by Mark and Sofia.

"Oh, I didn't realize you had her tonight," she smiles apologetically, thinking he doesn't want her there during his time with his daughter, "we can just hang out tomorrow."

"But I got that movie you wanted to watch and take out from that little French place you love around the corner," he gives her a charming smile, having been expecting her to come over tonight.

Teddy can't help but smile back, "Well, I can't let all of that food go to waste."

She goes in and makes an excited face at the little baby in Mark's arms, "Hello, Sofia. Hi, pretty girl. I visited you in daycare today. Yes I did."

He smiles, watching Teddy talk to the baby while she puts down her purse and jacket, Sofia watching her the whole time.

"Do you want to hold her while I sort out the food?" He asks, knowing she'll say yes.

"Of course I do!" She carefully takes Sofia from Mark and sits on the couch with her, talking to her softly and lightly ticking her tummy.

It takes him a little longer to dish out the food; he keeps getting distracted watching Teddy and Sofia. It is possibly the most perfect thing he has ever seen. Teddy’s hair is down so she has started a game with Sofia. She leans her face down to the baby’s making a snorting sound that amuses his daughter and Teddy shakes her head, making her hair tickle Sofia’s face. The little dark haired girl made pre-giggle sounds, egging the game on.

He finally makes his way over juggling the two plates and beers, and takes a seat next to her on the couch. He sets the food and drinks on the coffee table and kisses Sofia's head.

"You can put her in the swing next to you," he tells her with a smile, "She loves swinging."

"You love swinging, Sofa?" Teddy asks in her baby talk voice. She gets up and puts the baby in her swing, buckling her in, "There you go." And with Mark's instruction she starts the swing in its gentle back and forth motion.

"She likes watching you," Mark comments as they eat.

Teddy smiles, "she doesn't see me very often, she's probably thinking ‘who is this lady again?’"

"She knows who you are," he insists, "she likes you."


As soon as they are done eating - or rather as soon as Teddy is done eating, she puts her plate in the kitchen and picks up the little baby again, snuggling her as they watch the movie.

"I may never let you have her back," Teddy tells him with a grin after Sofia stretches and lets out what Teddy thinks could be the cutest baby sound.

He chuckles,“You’ll have to take that up with Callie.”

"Oh I will. This baby is so cute," she tells him before looking down at Sofia again, "yes you are cute!"

Caught up in watching her gush over his daughter, and simply being near to her, all thought and ability to be his usual smooth self flies out the window. "You're so cute. I love you."

Teddy looks up from the attention-loving baby, "what did you say?"

He realizes his slip and quickly backpeddles, "I said that you're cute holding Sofia, I love it."

Teddy decides to go with that and looks back at Sofia as she yawns and closes her eyes.

"You are so precious," she quietly tells the baby who is drifting off to sleep.

Teddy shifts, leaning against Mark's shoulder, neither of them paying much attention to the movie.

"She's an amazing little baby," Teddy smiles at Mark, her eyes leaving Sofia.

In response he leans in and kisses her softly. He has wanted to kiss her all night; every night she's been over these past few weeks if he was being honest.

She returns the kiss for a few seconds before pulling away. "Are you crazy?" She whispers loudly.

“I might be,” he says, actually thinking about his actions now, “Oh God, shit, I'm so sorry. It was just, you were there..."

Teddy thinks he is just lonely but he continues, "You were there, holding the baby, and looking so happy and in love, and I could feel it, and all I wanted was to be a part of this special thing between the two of you, and it's you."

"I...?" She trailes off, not able to think of anything to say.

He starts rambling again because she wasn't saying anything, "Something's been missing in my life for so long and it's you. You're missing."

She wants to back away from him because her head is swirling and she is trying to absorb what he was saying, but she's still holding Sofia. "Maybe, maybe we're both crazy then."

She thinks that maybe she has just admitted to something she didn't know she wanted.

She passes him Sofia and gets up, grabbing her things, "you know, its getting late. I should probably get home." and with that, she leaves.

Teddy gets to the bottom of the stairs and stops, taking a minute to think. She turns around and goes back up to his apartment, the door is still unlocked.

"You have a kid." she tells him, standing in that area between the living room and the kitchen. He's still sitting on the couch and Sofia is amazingly still asleep.

Mark gets up and places Sofia in her swing. "And she loves you." He moves to stand in front of her, turning on the charm. His face is inches from hers and when he speaks again, his voice is a gruff, sexy whisper, "So what's the problem?"

"It would be complicated. I don't need complicated. I just got out of complicated," her voice just as low, unintentionally following his lead.

He cocks his head to the side slightly and asks, "How complicated?" Mark isn’t really one to ask for more information than is offered. It would seem like he would because of how much gossip he knows but the nurses volunteer all the information he receives. And because he knows he is not good at keeping information to himself, he hasn't asked Teddy any more than she has been willing to tell him.

She lets out a soft sigh, "Henry was my husband."

Teddy steps back, away from him, but he steps forward, and pins her between him and the counter. Mark kisses her, softly at first then a little deeper. They were good at talking, that was already established but sometimes he’s better at showing and right now he wants to show her that the complicated shouldn’t matter.

She responds, parting her lips to allow his tongue access to her mouth. Her arms go around his neck and her fingers slide into his hair while his own hands are busy making their way under the hem of her shirt to slide his fingers along the soft skin of her lower back. She sighs into his lips, he deepens the kiss even more, and Sofia wakes up crying

He pulls away, missing the feel of her lips against his and goes to see what Sofia needs. Teddy, possibly even more confused, runs off, going home because she is actually considering starting something again with Mark Sloan.


They don’t see each other at work the next day; she makes sure of that. She doesn't come over that night and he considers calling her but he doesn't want to push her. This continues the day after and the day after that.

On the third day she has lunch with Callie and Arizona - she isn't avoiding them also, she just hasn't had schedules that matched up with theirs for having lunch.

"Do you want to stop by after work?" Arizona asks, sipping her drink though the straw. Mark had told Callie what happened and Callie told her wife.

Teddy shakes her head. "No, I have an early surgery tomorrow and I think I'll just go home and get some sleep.

"Are you sure?" Arizona asks with a grin, trying to persuade her best friend, "I might be able to pry Callie away from our awesome baby and we could take you to Joe's."

"I appreciate it but in not really up for it. Thanks, though."


He shows up at her house and thinks Callie and Arizona might have told him she was going to be home.

"Sofia misses you,” is the first thing he says. He looks so sad and she might just lose her resolve.


He cuts off as he keeps going, "I miss you."

He had taken a step towards her before she even realized it, like in his apartment, and his face is inches from hers. She keeps loosing track of her thoughts when hes that close to her.

"I miss you too," she admits softly.

He gives her a sweet but sexy look and she thinks she knows how he got the nickname McSteamy. "I don't like going a day without you," he tells her.

Mark steps forward until his forehead touches hers, the only contact between them; hes letting her make the first move. And she does. She pulls him closer, her hands linked at the back of his neck because she can't help herself anymore.

Every time she's seen him at work she has just wanted to finish where they left off in his apartment but she has made herself walk the other way. It's too complicated. But with him in such close proximity, she can't ignore how she feels.

It's a little blurry as to how they end up in her bedroom but they're kissing and nipping and touching and taking each others clothes off.

He remembers exactly what to do to her neck to make her moan just that way and she hasn't forgotten that if she moves her hips a certain way while hes thrusting inside her he groans her name.

Neither has forgotten how amazing it is to be together and they both briefly wonder why he screwed it up the first time.

"I love you," he whispers before pushing her over the edge and it echoes in her head while her moans reverberate off the walls of her bedroom.

They're laying together afterwards, Teddy's head tucked under his chin, her left hand idlely running back and forth over his chest; his arms around her like he doesn't want to let her go.

"You told me you loved me," she says softly.

He kisses the top of her head, "But you didn't stop me."

She slides her left hand to his side, holding on to him too, "I couldn't stop you."

"Why couldn't you?" he asks, his left hand moving to run his fingers though her blonde hair.

She finally admits, "Because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."

He rolls onto his side, so that they're on the same eye level because he just wants to look at her. He holds her to him, afraid to say anything else, but he gently runs his fingers along her jaw line.

"I love you too." she admits.
harvey and i are like thisonlywordsnow on May 20th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)
YAY! There's a chance this could have happened!
Alyalygator on May 20th, 2011 02:40 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on December 25th, 2013 02:12 am (UTC)
Complicated Part 2
I remembered there was Part 2, was it deleted?
Alyalygator on December 25th, 2013 01:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Complicated Part 2
Who is this?

And it got changed to friends only view some how.