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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Things about the movie - spoilers...if you dont want to be spoiled dont read any further

I saw it last night at midnight!!


Luna was interesting but he voice kinda annoyed me.

Filch following them around was lame. he wasnt going to find them anyway

Umbridge's little annoying cough was JUST how i imagined it and when she interrupted Dumbledore I was like ohhhh no you didnt.

Bella was awesomely insane and i loved it.

Fred and George were awesome. They're stuff was great and when they left - the fireworks. oooooo!!!

Dumbeldore leaving with Fawkes was maybe one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

I also dont like how they downplayed the OWLs. They're super important tests.

I would have liked it see Firenze

I totally cried when Sirius died but the curtain is supposed to be black! I loved how Ginny kinda destroyed that prophecy room.

Grawp was awesome and I loved how he was playing with Hermione with the bike bell.

Harry having to do those lines was bad enough but the entire DA? psssh!

The end with Harry keeping Voldemort out of his mind by showing him friendship and love and stuff was amazing and it was nice that the Aurors showed up. It was sooo funny when Fudge said "hes back" like it was an original thought.

I wanted more of Snape's Memory!

It was a very good movie and I want to see it over and over and over
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