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31 May 2011 @ 05:20 pm
Complicated part 2  
Title: Complicated
Chapter: 2
Rating: R for sexytimes
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Mark and Teddy. Some Callie/Arizona.
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me.
Summary: Takes place after 7x21. onlywordsnow wanted me to write this so I am. I'm sure there will be a chapter 2. Its all up to what she wants me to write.

Teddy wakes up in her bed, the sunlight just starting to stream through the window. She rolls over with a smile, expecting to see Mark in bed next to her. But she's alone.

Her house is small enough that she would be able to tell if he is still there. She doesn't hear the tv or the shower or any movement within her house; she doesn't smell him cooking anything.

Maybe he didn't mean it. Maybe he really was just lonely. Maybe he has realized she and her life ARE too complcated for him.

Teddy lingers in bed, not very motivated to get up and moving just yet. The sun light fills more of her bedroom and she eventually gets up when her alarm clock goes off.

Not particularly caring about her appearance today, she pulls her disagreeable hair back into a messy ponytail, decides to forego the eye make up, tosses on some clothes knowing she'll be wearing scrubs anyway and heads to work.


Teddy finishes rounding on her patients and heads to the nurses station. She hopes she doesn't run into Arizona because she doesn't think she can handle that much perk right now. Then she sees him. Hoping he hasnt seen her, she turns around and starts walking in the opposite direction.

Calling her name as he goes after her, he has to break into a small jog to catch her.

"Hey," he smiles when she finally stops, "why didn't you answer me?"

"I didnt hear you," she replies, hoping maybe to be paged.

Mark chuckles, "I was calling your name. Why are you still avoiding me? I thought we resolved everything. I wanted to make you breakfast but I got paged and I had no idea where anything is in your house to leave you a note," he smiles at her; they're off to the side of the hall and he likes being close to her at work.

"I know how complicated this is. What, with me being in love with you and still getting a divorce and the baby," she rambles slightly.

"It isn't as complicated as you think," he tucks her bangs behind her ear, "It's a package deal. You get me and you get Sofia."

Teddy can't help but laugh softly. "Can we actually make this work?" she asks.

"If you can accept the fact that you could end up being a mommy," Mark smiles at her.

She perks up a bit at the idea of being on Sofia's life permanently. "But she already has two mommies."

"She's a girl," Mark points out, "We saw how well I did with Sloan. Sofia will definitely need three. A girl can never have too many mommies."

"I'm not sure I have anything I can bring to the table," she shifts the charts in her arms. It's not that she doesn't think Callie and Arizona would have an issue with her being in Sofia's life; it's that she doesn't want to be hurt by him again and she might not be everything she wants.

"Sure you do," he grins at her, "you have excellent taste in movies."

"Is that all?" she smiles.

He shakes his head, "No, much more. Come over tonight, it'll be just me and you."


Teddy gets to his apartment after work and goes right in like he told her when he texted her a few hours ago.

"Hey," she calls out as she leaves her purse by the door.

"Hey," he replies from the stove, "I'm not really a good cook but I made us dinner."

"Anything I can do to help?" Teddy asks, leaning against the island counter.

"Grab the plates for me? It'll be done in just a minute."

She gets the plates and he dishes out the food. They eat at his small dining room making small talk about their day.

"Do you like it?" he asks when they're almost done eating.

She swallows her mouthful and nods before drinking some of her water, "yes I do," she tells him even though she doesn't.

They finish dinner and he takes the plates to kitchen, laughing softly, "you didn't like it."

"Sorry," she replies bashfully, picking up their glasses.

"It's okay," he tells her, rinsing off the plates, "I'm kind of new at this doing things right thing."

"Me too," she replies, putting the glasses on the counter.

Mark turns around and Teddy is right behind him. He leans in and kisses her softly, his hands going to gently cup her head.

She kisses him back, her hands sliding up his sides as their lips slowly move together, the mood almost the opposite of the night before; less hurried. His tongue slides past her lips and his hands make their way to her ass, grasping it through her jeans. Mark leads them to the bedroom, their lips parting only a few times for air. Shirts and shoes are left as a trail to his room and the other clothes come off once the door is closed and are thrown haphazardly on the floor, their lips and tongues caressing one another.

Teddy lies back against his cool sheets, reaching for him as he kneels between her legs. He leans down, capturing her lips once more, his left hand drifting to caress her breast. She arches into him, her hands sliding down his back. Mark pulls his lips from hers, slowly kissing a trail down to her other breast. He plants wet kisses around her nipple, his hand toying with her other nipple. He smirks hearing her almost frustrated moan and finally swirls his tongue around her nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Her hips buck slightly, involuntarily, and she moans as she brushes against his erection at the same time that he nips at her nipple. He sucks gently before removing his mouth and dragging his tongue across her skin to repeat his actions on her other breast, his right hand taking to the place of his mouth. She drags her nails up his back lightly, another moan escaping her lips.

He can drive her crazy with a touch or a kiss, he did it the last time they were together and she never wants him to stop touching her. She feels him start kissing lower and she knows just how good he is at what he does but he can do that later.

“Mark,” she says his name, almost whining, as she pushes her hips against his again.

He growls lowly at the contact and smirks at her. He changes his direction and hovers above her, his tip poised at her entrance; from a very brief exchange last night he found out she’s on the pill and they both know there isn’t any other need for a condom which is good because he doesn’t exactly have any because neither of them planned for this to happen again so soon.

Teddy lets out a soft moan as Mark pushes into her slowly. Her walls stretch around him, her hands run up and down his sides as she focuses on his eyes as she tries not to let hers close. He leans down to kiss her softly as he starts moving; pulling out almost completely then sliding back in. She moves her hips with his in the slow rhythm, gasps and moans and groans falling from their lips.

He drops his head to her ear, whispering how beautiful she is before softly kissing her neck, her shoulder, her collarbone. She moans his name, tangles her fingers in his hair, drags her nails down his back.

His thrusts get faster, harder. Their moans become louder and more frequent, her nails dig into his skin, his lips suck at hers. He lifts his head, gazing into her eyes again. His teeth gently nip her bottom lip and she kisses him softly; the kiss is short as their breaths are coming faster. He hits just the right spot and pushes her body into his as she moans his name and her walls clench him. He tells her she’s gorgeous and amazing as he thrusts faster and soon joins her in orgasm.

They catch their breath and he slides out of her, rolling onto his back and pulling her into his arms. She lays her head on his shoulder and smiles when he kisses her head.

“I’m sorry,” he says, breaking the comfortable silence in the room, “This won’t happen next time, I promise.”

She lifts her head to look at him, “excuse me, did you hear me complaining?”

Mark laughs and hugs her to him, “Definitely not, but I just wanted to talk.”

“Who says we can’t talk now?” She shifts so that she’s eye-level with him.

He turns on his side to face her. “You’re getting a divorce?” he asks, that being the most pressing matter on his mind.

“Yeah…” she confirms, “I married a patient so that he could use my insurance to get surgery.”

“Why do I always fall in love with the married women?” he laughs.

She pokes him in the shoulder, “You have a good thing going with the girls, I see.”

Mark reaches for the hand poking him and laces his fingers with her. “You’re a really great person for doing that.”

“Owen called me crazy,” she told him, wondering if maybe she was.

“Fuck him,” he replies. He likes Owen but sometimes his friend is stupid.

Teddy smirks, “No thanks, I’m good here.”

He chuckles and brings their joined hands to his lips, kissing her hand, then gets back on topic, “So, how does that make you complicated?”

“Besides the fact that I married a patient to use my insurance and I thought I could be falling in love with him?” she clarifies.

“Yes,” he nods, “I think it was very selfless of you to do that for him. It could still be complicated if you are in love with him.”

“I’m not,” Teddy shakes her head, “he’s a really good friend and a great listener. I was confused about Andrew and I think that made me confused about Henry.”

“Are you still confused?” he asks, thinking this must be one of the most interesting post-sex conversations.

“No,” she smiles, “I am definitely not still confused.”

“What is it that you want?” he asks. He thinks he knows but he wants to hear her say it.

“You. Because I’m falling in love with you,” Teddy grins, pulling their joined hands closer to her and letting go of his hand, placing it on his side.

He glides his fingers along her side. “Does it bother you that I already have a child? Two children, actually?”

“No, I love Sofia,” she smiles, reaching out to run her fingers along the stubble that had formed since he had last shaved. “And Sloan is…tolerable,” she laughs softly, “I’m not going to hold it against you that you had a life and saw other women before we were together.”

He smiles at her, wondering how she can be so perfect. “Now that you’re in love with me, can I say things like I only want you so I can marry you?” he asks, his hand softly moving up and down her back.

Teddy moves her head closer to his on the pillow, “You’re lucky I’m still married. Otherwise, I might not have the willpower to say no to that.”

Mark leans forward enough to brush his lips over hers, “Can I still have you anyway? And marry you in the future.”

“You better,” she smiles before kissing him.
harvey and i are like thisonlywordsnow on May 31st, 2011 09:31 pm (UTC)
I love when people come right out and say things!
Alyalygator on May 31st, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
me too!!