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31 July 2011 @ 11:01 am
For Farscape_land Beam 'Em Up, Scottie challange  
For farscape_land , we had to transplant a few Farscape characters into different shows, make a small picspam, and write a blurb. Here is mine.

Chiana joins Grey’s Anatomy. She is resourceful and very helpful being a scrub nurse. A lot of the surgeons request her because she is the friendliest and most interesting scrub nurse. And she takes it upon herself to teach the interns…special skills. Thankfully, she does not start another STD epidemic and the interns – male and female – learn a couple new, non-medical related tricks.

D’Argo has joined the women in Hot In Cleveland. He is a local Pimp and he is trying to recruit Joy, Melanie, Victoria and even Elka. The women aren’t surprised by his interesting looks since they are from LA and used to all sorts of interesting looking people. They turn him down but he stays on the show because he is just so funny. He comes over from time to time to see how they’re doing and, occasionally, to see if they’ve changed their minds.

Crais decided to try out for America’s Got Talent. While he was on Talyn he was able to refine his singing skills – since he was alone a lot. He fancies himself a good opera singer and tries out on the show to see if he could win this primitive, human competition.

Zhaan moves to the town of Eureka when she finds herself on Earth. In exchange for allowing the scientists to study her since she is – after all – a plant, she is allowed some of her own experiments. She saves the town a couple times from sudden disasters and impending doom.
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