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23 August 2011 @ 09:31 pm
oh hello there  
My butt has been pretty sore (thats what she said) but today was the first day where I only took drugs once. And I took my sister's motrin 800's instead of my tylenol 3's. It doesn't hurt very much unless i sit for too long or too far back...or if i lay on my back. And I can use my brain! Woo!

I ~can lay on my back if I'm on the couch with my legs on the back of the couch to keep the weight off my butt. I was able to do my love bar and graphical bingo card for scifiland. yaayyy!! I'm also happy my thighs don't hurt anymore. When I'm in bed in order to go from one side to the other, I do a ninja move to avoid rolling on my butt.

I'm going to work tomorrow for a few hours. The new girl is gonna be with me in the morning to learn more stuff then she'll have the afternoon to herself. I'll probably work a half day on Friday too. I go see my surgeon on Thursday and I'm pretty sure I'm getting the stitches out which will be nice because they have started getting itchy; my mom said she can see about 7 stitches.

I finished reading Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind...all 976 pages of it and I finished rereading Catching Fire. Now I'm on to Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind - the third in the sword of truth series. Some things are repetitive but thats only because i just read books 1 and 2. It was written to remind people that these things happened in the last books so its okay.

I took a shower the day after my surgery and I almost made myself pass out. I have a tendency of freaking myself out. After my ankle surgery 2 years ago, I got the ace bandage splint removed after about 3 weeks and had an xray at my doctor's office. I was so worried that my ankle was going to hurt that I freaked myself out and after the x-ray I almost passed out. Similar to the shower - I thought it was going to hurt (it didn't) and my hands were shaking just about the whole time. I'm a dork. I didn't do it after surgery last year (yeah, I've had a surgery every year for the last 3 years) but it was laproscopic to remove a cyst on my fallopian tube so I just had 2 little holes which were closed with glue and they didn't hurt unless I poked them....I poked the one above my pelvic bone like every day. I had to see if it still hurt when I poked it!

I'm sleepy. Its time to go to bed. School starts in a week and a half :p
Anywhere_But_NJ: peanut candyanywhere_but_nj on August 24th, 2011 09:46 am (UTC)
Glad that you're healing!!

And HUZZAH for books!!! :D

Don't freak yourself out that bad again, okay?