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11 September 2011 @ 09:59 pm
10 years ago I was in 10th grade  
10 grade US History actually. We had block scheduleing so Tuesday/Thursday we had x block, 2nd hour, 4th hour, and 6th hour. I don't remember what we were talking about but my teacher got called into the hall by another teacher. When he came back he asked if we knew what the World Trade Center was then told us planes had flown into them. It took me a few minutes to realize this was actually happening. Then, at about 9:45 our assistant principal came on the PA and told us planes had flown into the towers and there were unconfirmed fires at the Pentagon. I remember thinking how can a fire be unconfirmed? You either know or you don't. 

We just had renovations at school and not all the tvs in the classrooms were hooked up to the network so there were TVs in the media center and the office. I had A lunch and class was over at 10:20 so I went right to the media center. They were replaying the first tower falling and then all of the sudden I watched the second tower fall. I went to the choir room to call my mom because I was 15, I didn't have a cell phone. She didn't answer so I went on the computer to a Farscape chat room I went on (omg if twitter existed it would have been fail whale-ing) and it was moving so quickly I couldn't keep track of anything. I went back to the media center for the rest of lunch - I'm pretty sure no one ate lunch that day. 

After lunch I had english and on monday our teacher had told us she was going to put is in groups and we would follow a major news story and later in the week we would present it (i think you can guess what everyone picked). My english room did have a tv connected to the network so we watched the news for the whole class period. I'm not certain but I think 6th hour was Spanish and we didn't do anything realted to Spanish. 

My school was on lockdown for the rest of the week. Juniors and seniors weren't allowed to go out for lunch. Teachers were at the doors in the morning to let us in.

Here's the freaky part. I had a dream the summer before 9/11. In my dream I was standing in the street. In the foreground there were buildings. Two buildings were conntected by a pedistrian walkway bridge thing that looked similar to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. In the background there was a lot of smoke. People were running towards me, some of them pointing at the smoke. I saw my dream on the news on September 15. It freaked me out. On our choir trip to New York when I was a senior, we went to Ground Zero and I saw that pedestrian bridge and how close it was to the buildings. 

its so weird to think that the kids I will teach won't have been alive then. 4th graders and under at this point were born after 9/11. I've been thinking about the teaching aspect of that day and it makes sense that they would tell us in high school because we could understand it. The elementary kids would have no idea how to comprehend what was going on. They would notice their teachers were upset and something was wrong but theres no way to tell a school of 6 to 11 year olds that terrorists have attacked New York without the kids freaking out and/or not understanding.