Aly (alygator) wrote,

Today is so long

I haven't started my field placement yet (we get them Friday) and I don't have class til 6. I woke up at 8 :p, made a potion on pottermore (WormWoodDragon54 if you haven't added me), went to Blockbuster and CVS, stopped into work to sit around and answer any questions Kathleen may have while she was working on stuff. I was playing Angry Birds and reading a book so I'm not going to count the hours towards getting paid lol. And then I came home and cleaned a bit. And I still have 2 hours until I need to leave. 

I feel like theres work I need to be doing for school but there isn't yet. I have a small paper due Thursday but I did it Sunday which may be throwing me off. I procrastinate - except in landcomms, oddly enough - Sara can attest to that lol. At least I don't have a TON of work to do this semester so thats nice.

My mom rebandages my butt every day. She said the one opening which was like a slit is almost closed but the round one is still open. The doctor said it would most likely end up closing from the outside. I decided I'll probably wait a couple weeks ~after its all closed before I work out again. I miss the elliptical. 
Tags: !school, +field placement, ~cysts are lame
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