Aly (alygator) wrote,

Asthma doc!

I have a cough now so she thinks I have bronchitis again. She was really nice - shes a PA but she checked with the doctor and she went to school to become a PA so I have no problem with seeing her. I got her to switch my steriod daily inhaler thing since Symbicort tastes so bad. She also thought bronchitis 8 times in 2 years is excessive.

I had to go across the street to the hospital (their office is right across the street haha) to get blood work done so that they can compare blood work from pre and post pneumonia vaccine. So blood work, back to the office and I got the pneumonia vaccine. In exchange for blood I received apple juice and graham crackers :)

The doctor wants to see me again in 6 weeks to see how I'm doing and how the inhaler is helping. 
Tags: ~asthma is lame, ~bronchitis is lame
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