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22 October 2011 @ 09:42 am
Don't jiggle it when you wiggle it  

I fail kinda hardcore at updating my journal...mostly because most of the people on my flist follow me on fb or twitter. I'm kicking ass at Shondaland and scifiland challenges though. I just need the scifiland mod to reply to my question before I can do the newest challenge but theres time. En Fuego is kicking ass and being awesomesauce because we're En Fuego. 

I did my 2 big projects for my pointless class so I'm all done with those. Theres just my final assignment for Drama/Dance (Performing Arts for the Elementary Classroom is split up between 2 teachers - one does drama and dance and the other does music) which is basically describing a unit and lessons I'd do with drama or dance. And I have my big project for social studies methods but I did my proposal and sent it to my teacher and I pretty much have the idea, I just have to write it up when I need to lol. I have a lot of reading to do but thats reading. I need to read The Mayflower soon, though, so Sarah can borrow my book. I was gonna get it on my kindle app but it was $17. No thank you.

My professor for pointless class aka foreign language methods has pissed me off even more. We had to go to a world languages conference. It was this last thursday and friday and we had to go to one day. No choice in this. And she told us we'd have to pay but all i could find on the website was that i'd have to pay $20. Nope. It was $50. How many college students have $50 laying around to spend on a one day conference when half of the students in the class are elementary majors and not planning on actually teaching spanish?? 

I ran into some people from my class and they, too, were not happy about this and I confirmed that she did not tell us we'd have to pay $50 (because she tends to go off on tangents during class so she loses my attention). Sarah (not Sarah who wants to borrow my book lol) and I ran into our professor and we were like you never told us it would be $50. Firstly she's like I have had so many people complaining to me about the price and blah blah and she starts like turning it on us! Apparently because this is professional development we shouldn't complain about it being $50 and for teachers it costs more. Uh, I don't care. I now have $77 until i get paid again in a week and a half. THEN we're talking about something else - about how they're going to try to make foreign language teachers have to be native or heritage speakers and she was saying like language minors don't have as good speaking skills as the majors. And I was like ... I'm a minor. Thanks. 

We hate her so much. Sarah has her for another class and she said they got their tests back and Sarah got like a B. Its not terrible. And the bitch called her out in front of the whole class and asked her if she was a spanish major or minor. And Sarah said major. And the prof was like you might want to rethink that. Are you kidding?? 


I had another ovarian cyst rupture and I felt it this time. I see my doctor next week and I'm going to ask him if theres a different birth control that would help more since obvs skipping periods didn't work. 

I had my language arts subject area test last saturday and I honestly have no idea how it went. I did the practice questions beforehand and they were no help for the test. Some questions on the test I didn't even know what they were! We'll see what I get. 
Anywhere_But_NJ: Colin Creeveyanywhere_but_nj on October 22nd, 2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
she did not tell us we'd have to pay $50

WOW. That is completely unfair.

That professor does sound terrible :( *hugs*
Alyalygator on October 22nd, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)
She told us well if you think I should be more explicit on the syllabus then email me what it should say. So once the semester is over and grades are turned in I'm going to email her and tell her what it should say. Because the assignments aren't explained well at all an I didn't know what I was supposed to do until she talked about it in class