Aly (alygator) wrote,

Oh hai there

I hope you all had a good Christmas (or Sunday if you don't do that). Santa got me a coach purse. I actually knew about that gift because I was with my mom when we discovered the AMAZING sale they were having. We ended up getting 3 bags for less than what mine cost originally. My sister, however, didn't know and she almost cried when she opened hers. 

I also got Harry Potter 7.2 and I discovered I don't have the 6th movie :( I got some cool jewelry, some Dr. Seuss books, some fairy figurines (I love fairies), HARRY POTTER LEGO, Harry Potter bobble head, an Abby from NCIS bobble head, and other awesome stuff. (I also knew about the Harry Potter Lego and I picked it out myself but its still awesome.)

My stepdad's father was an oncologist and he's got a ton of money. But he's also veeery cheap. My sister and I each got $10 from him in cards he didn't sign. Its $10 than I had before thanks for not even signing the card. Meehhh

I alphebetized (rererealpbabetized) our DVD collection. We have a ton. 
Tags: +random tag is random, ~christmas
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