Aly (alygator) wrote,

I'm 26 today!

Its my birthday. And the first day of class. I have a tiara to wear so its all good. On NYE my mom, forgetting my birthday was on Thursday and thinking it was Friday, made plans with her friend + all the girl friends in the group to see a movie and have dinner. Her friend's son died almost a month ago and friend's husband is out of town for work so he asked she be kept busy so I don't have a problem with this, I just don't know if I want to go because its my birthday ;p plus Grey's is on tonight. On my birthday. And I would like to watch it live. 

I find out my field placement tomorrow and then I have to print tons of shit for my math methods class. I have the syllabus for each class already and I don't think it'll be too hard of a semester. Spanish will be a lot of work. Its Spanish-American lit aka read tons of poems in Spanish and write about them every other week and have pop quizzes every week (are they pop quizzes if you know there will be pop quizzes??).

In my intro to special needs class we spend a week (which is one class/3 hours) discussing each of the 9 main leaning disabilities. One week will be mine, ADHD and the week after is autism which is good because I wanted to know more about it. Thats like mid semester though so I have to wait.
Tags: !school, +birthday, +field placement
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