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14 February 2012 @ 07:58 am
I'm awake early. But thats because phoebe and I had to finish RP Teddy having an RP baby. 

I'm pretty sure I have endometriosis.
Especially since I looked back at my iperiod app and most of the pain happened when I had a period. Two friends had it an my aunt who is also a nurse had it and they all think I have it. My doctor did a sonohystergram (most painful ultrasound i've ever had. He uses a speculum and a catheter and inserts fluid in my uterus and ultrasounds that to see if there is anything in my uterus which would cause the pain) and there is nothing in my uterus. 
he took me off birth control. Oh, yeah, i missed a pill in early january and because hormones are awesome, I had a 31 day period. It was basically over the day after that ultrasound but because he took me off bc I got another period. Isn't that great?! Anyway, it seems like it'll be done today.
So I'm off birth control, I see my doctor next month for my annual/check up for being off birth control and I'll have him refer me to the GI guy just to rule that out because I'm fairly certain its not GI related but its good check that out, right? My doctor was talking about trying a progesterone pill but I don't really like the side effects listed on that web page. I have decided that if we decide to go with surgery - which is really the only way to accurately diagnose and treat endometriosis, I'll schedule it for after Australia so I don't have to stress about paying the bills + having enough money to spend in Australia.

I'm going to Australia in June! I'm going to Brisbane for a few days, visiting Phoebe for a few days AND WE'RE SEEING LADY GAGA!! And then I'm visiting Steph and perhaps together we'll figure out what she does at work loll. Steph and I are most likely going to an Australian football game and shopping!! I want more PJs from Peter Alexander and I need another long smiggle pencil case and I wanna go to Typo. Hi, my name is Aly and I'm addicted to stationary. 

K - girl who works days I don't - is a freaking idiot. Like I've tried everything that I'd do to teach kids in order to teach her and its not working. I model the behavior - nope. I find her mistakes, fix them and tell her how to do it right - nope. I find her mistakes and make her fix them - nope. So then hey, I'll type out step by step how to do these things that she'll have to do. Nope. Still an idiot. As soon as we are making enough money to hire a paralegal (soon, please please soon) my parents will fire her. 

Friday is shots night with my friend Erica. I got a shots app because I wanted pineapple upside down cake shots and we found like 6 different shots we want to make. So basically we're going to get drunk. Hopefully we'll be able to go ice skating. We've been trying for the past couple weeks. The first try we were going to go to the Oak Park ice area. Turns out it was Oak Park, California. Not Michigan. Okay. So last weekend I found Birmingham has open skate Saturday 1:30 - 3:00. Except last weekend when there was a freaking hockey tournament. We're trying for this saturday now. 

My field placement is great. Last week the kids kept telling me I looked 16. I was like thank you, go do your work. 

long entry is long. Okay bye

Hogwarts Haghhhellcat on February 15th, 2012 12:55 am (UTC)
*hugs* I had a 31 day period followed by a week of nothing followed by a 22 day period when I was 13. That meant going to see the gynecologist at that lovely age and they put me on birth control to try and regulate things. There was never any talk about ultrasounds because I'd had my period for less than a year at that point. I feel your pain about the forever and ever and it's never going to end period.

I hope that everything will be okay, Aly.

Yay for Australia!
Alyalygator on February 15th, 2012 01:12 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure it has all finished now. All together I had a period 36 days out of the last 37. ISN'T BEING A GIRL FUN?!

I'll keep everyone updated :)

I'm sooo excited :D