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04 May 2012 @ 07:34 am
what the what  
I'm not student teaching in Birmingham it seems.

Noelle was supposed to call me the week of the 23rd aka last week. I got an email last night from the director of school and field services who said "Please contact me about student teaching. I would like to have you come in as soon as possible."

Thats neither helpful nor instilling confidence in anything. After like 5 emails back and forth, I didn't get placed in B'ham. She wants me to come in for some coaching before she sends me to another spot.

Apparently when someone says they want you to come in to do some paperwork, they ACTUALLY mean they want to do an interview. And when they say I'll find a teacher to place you with and call you the week of the 23rd they mean no, no I will not be doing those things.

It does't help that its Hiller's first year ~being~ Director of School and Field Services.


Also, May the fourth be with you.