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04 May 2012 @ 12:01 pm
I met with Hiller. Noelle left her a message yesterday saying she can't place me in a building; I gave vague answers and my shirt was too baggy and I was wearing jeans so i didn't have a good appearance. I'm sorry but I hadn't gone shopping for smaller shirts yet and no one said anything about an interview - it was Friday and I was working therefore I was wearing jeans because I was under the impression I was going in for paperwork. Fuck you.

Hiller might be a little like wtf about Noelle because she asked me some interview type questions and said she doesn't feel that I need to be held back from student teaching or have an observed placement. She also said she lost 100 pounds and gained back 80 so she understands about clothes not fitting right, I'm thinking that's the nice way of saying Noelle is a bitch lol. She is working on placing me in the Berkley district but I'm pissed because I met with Noelle over a month ago and it took her that long to inform us of a decision she obviously made when I met with her??