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06 July 2012 @ 11:02 am
And the rest of Australia  
We went out with Stacey and the girls and it was fun. I was tired but it was fun. Sunday we chilled, went to the mall and bought things because things are cool. We saw Brave. It was adorable omg. Then we went to her parents' house for dinner. They make such yummy food. And her mom made a pavlova. mmmmm pav.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Steph had to work so I went and explored the city, Monday and Tuesday she was in Docklands which is like the west part of Melbourne and they're trying to make it a thing but its not a thing. Theres a ferris wheel but like 2 or 3 years ago they found a huuuge crack in the ferris wheel and it has been in various stages of repair since. Theres an outdoor mall called Harbour Town. In part of the mall they have a little play area for kids and they brought in snow for the kids to play in. I found this pretty amusing. Aside from that, though, the area is pretty dead. Monday I hung out in Harbour Town, got my nails done, did some shopping. Steph and I had yum cha for lunch mmmm (also called Dim Sum...). Then after lunch I went more into the city and walked around.

Tuesday I had a few places I wanted to go and ended up all over downtown. Lots of walking because I felt lazy using the trams all the time. But after lunch I got tired of walking so I jumped on the city circle tram aka tourist tram. I figured out it takes about an hour to make its circle and I took a nap. Tuesday night was bar trivia night and we had parma at the bar. Yum. The guy who runs trivia is a new guy and they/we didnt really like him. After round 3 he came over to our table and asked us if we could stop doing so well because we were winning by a lot. Uhhh? No!

 Wednesday we decided I would go to the science center called Scienceworks. So I took a train and went over there. There was a huuuge line because its school holidays and all the kids were there. I got in for free because I'm a student :D and its a pretty cool museum. I couldn't be bothered paying extra for the other things that were already filled with kids. AFter a couple hours I went back to the city and Steph and I had lunch. I bought a 1TB external HD and I got a portable DVD player last weekend so that I could watch The Castle (and the other 2 dvds I bought wednesday night) without having to change my laptop's region code. After lunch I crossed the river and went over to Southbank. I hung out at South Gate (shopping place) for a bit then decided to go to the Eureka Skydeck. Eureka is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and it was really cool.

Wednesday night we ran to the grocery store so that I could get various food items. Then Shae, Stacey, and Steph's friend H came over and made us all dinner. We watched half of Stepbrothers then the others disbursed and Steph and I watched Rizolli and Isles except that I fell asleep.

Monday Phoebe had to work and Tuesday and Wednesday she had to study for her supplementary chem final because she was sick for the original one. I was sad she had to study or I would have had her meet me in the city or I could have gone to her house. Awww.

Melbourne to Sydney wasn't bad. I had to go through Customs/Passport control in Sydney which was weird but whatever.
Sydney to Dallas. 15 hour flight. I slept only 4 hours. Ughhh. I took an Advil PM around 1am EST after watching A Beautiful Mind and during Inception and it did not work. I fell asleep with 7 hours to go and woke up with 3 hours to go. And I watched Modern Family. Me gusta Modern Family.
Customs and immigration in Dallas. Boring.
Dallas to Detroit. I slept about an hour.

Theeennn I was really awake and I didn't fall asleep until 2am. Then I woke up at 6:30. Fun times, man. Fun times.