Aly (alygator) wrote,

September 12 of 12

This month's 12 of 12 fell on my sister's 17th birthday AND it just so happens that my cousin had her baby yesterday too.

When we went to Olive Garden for dinner there was another girl whose b'day it was and she turned 17 to so she and my sister declared themselves twins.

All credit goes to Chad Darnell for the idea

8:00am my phone alarm wakes me up. Joy, joy

8:12am - whats the first thing i do after waking up? Check facebook, my mail, and the DLC of course

8:43am - time to straighten my bangs and do my hair

8:56am - gotta figure out what to wear.

9:13am - stop at Starbucks for my iced quad venti hazelnut soy latte

9:25am - one the way to school. The license plate says IHNGART - hes an art hanger... weird

9:40ish - instead of trying to find a spot in that far away lot which is closer to my class but hard to find a spot in, i went to the hill and parked in the new lot.

11:56am - It took me almost 10 minutes to walk back to my car after class.

12:34pm - I got to work after stopping at Taco Bell

5:13pm - taking Loki and Libby outside after work.

6:54pm - after getting lost we got to Olive Garden for my sister's b'day dinner.

10:32pm - going to bed
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