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06 February 2013 @ 06:06 pm
First month over already?  

I am done with a about a month of student teaching and there is like 2 1/2 ish months left...I don't want it to end! I'm teaching everything except math. I take on math next week. It's so much fun. I love teaching them and I kind of wing it sometimes but it works out. I'm having a lot of trouble teaching writing because I have so many different levels of kids. My cooperating teacher said writing is basically the hardest on to teach and he says I'm doing a good job so that makes me feel less like crying when it doesn't go well lol.

The other teachers are really awesome, too. One of the 4th grade teachers lives in my sub - we discovered this on Monday and we can carpool sometimes. One of the other 3rd grade teachers has been really helpful. There are 3 third grade teachers. M is awesome and she gave me some suggestions for writing. K is nice but idk I really like her teaching style. Somehow she is one writing unit ahead of us and I do want to talk to her about what she did with the unit I'm on now.

My CT actually like gave me his desk. Theres a small table with another computer at the front of the room and he has been using that. He was like well you're taking over so you should get the desk and everything, too! I feel special. He runs this running group - the city has a 2 mile run in June so he gets kids together who want to run and forms a little team and do this run and they meet twice a week in May and practice. So I told him I'm coming back to participate in that.

I got my CT the awesomest thank you gift for when I'm done. He gives the kids a new pencil each month. It has their name on it so theres no 'he took my pencil!!' 'no it was MY pencil!'. I found an etsy maker who can engrave pencils and use specific brands. My CT only uses Ticonderoga. Soooo I got the maker to get those kind and engrave his name. So excited for them to come. Plus I'm going to get him a Barnes and Nobel gift card. Who is awesome? Me!

Tomorrow is a half day with two specials in the morning so I won't be getting a ton done. Friday there is a blood drive and I'm donating blood after school.

Anywhere_But_NJ: teacheranywhere_but_nj on February 7th, 2013 08:58 am (UTC)
:D Sounds totally awesome

And you're a great student teacher!!