Aly (alygator) wrote,

Go away, snow day

We had a snow day on Friday. The second snow day since I've been student teaching. I did not want either.

Thursday was a half day because of non-mandatory PD so my CT and I worked on things...well he worked on something and I sat around. I had a little freak out about math. He went to help another teacher with something and I was like okay, self, you will not cry. And I was fighting a losing battle. I had my period plus I was just being a spaz...and he came back and asked if I was okay. That seems to just make me cry if I'm already heading that way.

Like: are you okay?
*nods but starts crying*

But we got it all sorted out and I'm good now. I guess we just need little spaz attacks sometimes.

Another teacher gave me a bunch of bulletin board borders so that was awesome.

So, yeah, snow day on Friday. I woke myself up around 5am by somehow flicking my nose ring in my sleep. I checked online and other districts around mine were closed but not mine yet. My CT wakes up like really effing early so I texted him and I realize now that if I'm half asleep I do not detect sarcasm very well lol. I had things to do on Friday! Spelling tests, Friday paragraphs, Friday folders! Now Friday paragraphs and spelling tests will be on monday and the new paragraph editing and spelling words won't be until Tuesday. Thanks, snow, you messed up my week!

It turns out I'm not taking over math next week because my CT wants to finish some things he's doing. I'm a little anxious about getting my 5 weeks of having the whole class but even if I take over the week after I'll have it. So...good.
Tags: !student teaching
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