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21 February 2013 @ 02:59 pm
All alone  
Monday I taught the entire day myself. And my CT spent most of the day in the teacher's lounge reading up on math and math workshop. It was pretty interesting to be by myself. Most of the kids were good but I had some talkers talk more because he wasn't there. I talked with them and my CT talked with them Tuesday and it seems to be better.

Math. Because I had talkers and kids who felt that since I wasn't their 'teacher' they could act out more, I had to give consequences and follow through with them. In math we played the flyswatter game with multiplication. I made 2 kids sit down after a few minutes because they couldn't wait patiently and quietly. I ended the game early because after 2 warnings the class as a whole was getting really noisy.

Then we had computers and I asked them to line up quietly. Quietly was not how they did it. So I made them sit down and try it again. The second time was much better.

Tuesday was better than Monday so yay. I gave them the editing activity I made up called Edit My Friends. I complied tweets and fb statuses (along with some made up tweets because there weren't enough) and had them edit those things. It went pretty well.

Now we're on break. Weird 2 day week.

Monday we have a lockdown drill. My first lockdown drill. And I don't know when it is, just that its on Monday. If we don't find out the time I may ask CT to hang out in the room until it happens because while the kids have had a drill before, I haven't and he has the keys so I wouldn't be able to lock the door either.

Oh, yesterday CT and I went to the location of our next field trip (March 14) to suss things out and become familiar with what we'll be doing. I am running the field trip (oh crap) but I'm pretty sure I kind of know what I'll be doing.

Monday after school I'll also be going to 4th grade teacher, A's, math club again and then I'm going to math PD. Because I'm not good at math and PD is always good. I went to math club this Monday and on Tuesday like 3 of the kids saw me and were like 'did you like math club?!' I told them I did and I would have to go again. So I might be going to math club every Monday now :D

I did math planning yesterday until I got to the end of volume 1. So...now I can't do anymore because I don't have the volume 2 book. And I'm up on reading groups. But I'm having trouble coming up with questions for the 3 page chapter 12 of Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses.

There are 5 weeks until spring break. And after break I have 9 more days of student teaching. NO ME GUSTA!!
Anywhere_But_NJ: teacheranywhere_but_nj on February 21st, 2013 10:24 pm (UTC)
You're such a good teacher, following through and all that :)

You'll be fine with the lockdown *hugs*
Oh please have him stay!!!

Some schools may take the PD you earn while student teaching :)

All of this truly shows how you were meant for this.