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19 April 2013 @ 06:34 am
The end  
My last 9 days of student teaching were fun. Sad, but fun. I observed almost all the other teachers and in doing so, realized how similar my teaching style and philosophy are to my CT's. And it turns out that while I was out of the room, they were all busy with more than just school work.

Rewind to yesterday. I was doing very well at not crying! Some students brought me gifts and drawings. We had a normal morning. I told my CT I wanted to have a recess this afternoon because it was so warm. We were planning on being rebels and not going to the 5th grade music rehearsal assembly because it was my last day. We had lunch. I almost cried after lunch because our kindergarten buddy class made me cards and that teacher put them all in an envelope for me. I told the kids our buddies made me cards and my most attached student, M, was like you need to tell them to back off because you're mine! My kids did independent reading after lunch, went to gym, did math after gym. He had them put their math away and asked if I wanted to give them the duct tape flower pens I made them. So I did that. They all opened the cards I wrote to them and showed off their pens and I didn't cry. I thought we were done and I was all ready to go out for a recess. But CT brings out this big tote bag and hes like Oh, we got a little something for you.

I was doing good! I pulled out the nylon bag and the hat and the laptop case - it was all stuff with the school's name on it. Then I started opening the wrapped gifts. He got me a book of fun sheets which is something he uses if he needs to fill some time, 3 lateral thinking puzzle books that we have used with the kids if we have some time left at the end of the day, and a duck call. He uses a duck call to call the kids in from recess when he takes them out. Mine sounds a little more like a baby duck but thats okay. He also gave me a Harry Potter thumb drive which contains everything from his directory at school. Lessons, activities, field trip stuff, all the things.

And then we get to what made me cry. There was a binder and he said oh thats some articles I printed for you that I thought would be useful. But I opened it and he goes oh wait, thats right. And each of the kids wrote me a Tips for Being a Good Teacher. He put it on construction paper and put it in the binder. That started the crying and then I pulled out the big card he made with pictures of them all and they all signed it. I think the kids were excited that they made me cry lol.

I was mobbed in a giant group hug as they were getting ready for recess. Everyone else was at the assembly. We went out side, me wearing the hat they gave me and I took my baby duck call. He and I were standing, watching them play as we normally do and he goes you know, it would be okay if you went to play with them.

I love playgrounds!

So I played with them. It was awesome.

There was a storm coming. We were under a tornado watch all day which made me anxious. But we were outside and we saw the crazy dark clouds coming. We had planned to stay out for the rest of the afternoon but we went back inside because dark clouds. We got back to our room and it began to rain. Perfect timing. The last 15 minutes was a fun sheet! And I read their tips for me.

Summary of the tips:
Keep dying my hair
Dye my hair different colors
Give a snack time
Wear a dress
Give more recess
Don't give a snack time
Teach 4th grade
Read aloud Hatchet again
Keep the same expectations all year
Don't wear a dress
Teach 2nd or 3rd grade

I was curious as to how they wrote those tips so I asked how they had time to do them. While I was observing the other classes they were working on the tips. And they had a plan for if I came back unexpectedly. They had out their paragraph editing and if I came back and they were working on it, they were to slide the paragraph editing sheet over their writing. The kids said they did end up being a little jumpy and they had some false alarms if classmates came back from the bathroom lol.

I foiled their plans for yesterday because I was going to observe a 4th grade teacher but she ended up having a meeting and wasn't there so I was in the room and the kids couldn't make their video but I'm okay with that. I love what they gave me.

And, when I talked to the principal at the end of the day to make sure he got his thank you card, he said if I need a letter of recommendation just let him know :D
Ashleysweetone41185 on April 19th, 2013 01:50 pm (UTC)
Those tips are super funny. Kids kill me. Niiiice Mr. Principal. Recs are good.