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18 December 2013 @ 08:44 pm
~Fic-ish~ The Five Recesses of Wednesday  
Background before the story!

It is fanfic-ish. It's like realistic fiction + RP...

I subbed for my friend today. Monday I was texting him to say we could totally have recess when I sub because I have a warm coat. Plus, recess as a sub is awesome.

Anyway, he was like yeah I plan on two in the morning and three in the afternoon. I happened to be subbing on a Wednesday and I was like cool, the 5 recesses of Wednesday. Somewhere in the conversation I decided that could be like a kid's book. Because what kid wouldn't love a day of recess?? He actually gave me ideas/reasons for the recess.

I haven't written fanfic in a while because I actually have free time lol. So in my brain I was thinking about actually writing a little something but then I would have to come up with kids. Except in the Grey's twitter RP there was a freaking baby boom and there are like 49235 kids. (If you need to check this out, I'm @Teddy_Sloan and I only follow the other RP characters). And, okay, not really 49235 but enough so that only about 3 kids in this fic-ish thing I wrote are legit made up - they're the ones who have really small parts. I wrote most of this at work yesterday

I wanted to share this, but fanfiction.net didn't seen like the right place for it since its fic based on RP lol.

So let me familiarize you with the kids and to whom they belong. Most of you who are reading this are in the RP so you know already...

RP couple - kids and ages in RP
Mark/Teddy - Kaylen (2 1/2), Olivia and Ethan (8 months, twins), Sloan Riley (what, 22?)
Izzie/Alex - Abby (3), Adrien (21 months), Arielle (5 months)
Meredith/Derek - George and Dylan (like 4? twins)
Cristina/Owen - Anna (3 1/2) and Matthew (2)
Addie/Sam - Emily (3) and Colin (4 months)
Callie/Arizona - Daniel (3 or 4)
Amelia/Riley - Maddie (2)

In my original draft the teachers were Grey's and PP doctors but if this is to work in Grey's/rp-verse that would be weird. Sorry, Dr. Webber, you were a good principal in my head.

ETA: LJ DIDN'T EMAIL ME ABOUT THE COMMENTS! Geek!Sam icon is now appropriate because because me = geek + annoyed.
ETA2: JK...gmail just decided at some point that LJ emails were spam.

On with the show

Chapter 1 - It Starts

"I just don't understand why we can't have recess all day," Abby Karev told her best friend, Kaylen Sloan.

Kaylen finished shoving her pink backpack in her locker and closed the door before picking up her stuff, "Because it's school?"

"Yeah, duh," said Abby, walking with her blonde friend into their classroom filled with before-school chatter, "But it's almost the end of the year."

"It's April," Dylan Shepherd told her, joining the conversation of his table mates.

Abby put her math book inside her desk, "Yeah, I know. That's why I said 'almost'."

Anna Hunt sat down at her desk in the group. "What is almost? The Just Direction concert? Oh my Harvey, I know!"

Dylan shook his head, "No! Don't start talking about Just Direction and Harvey Simpson again."

Before Anna could do just that - all the girls seemed to talk about many times was this boy band - Abby cut in.

"Almost the end of the year. So why can't we have recess all day?"

Anna shrugged, "I don't know. I would be awesome!"

"Guys!" Kaylen huffed, blowing a piece of dark hair out of her face, "We have to learn things...you know. At school."

"Lighten up, Kay," Abby told her with a smile, "It sounds like you need a recess."

Kaylen rolled her eyes as the morning bell rang.

Chapter 2 - The Missing Rabbit

Kaylen was working on her writing assignment like everyone else in her class. The low-toned ringing of Ms. Drew's classroom phone broke the silence.

She answered. "Hello? ...Oh, I see...Yes, that would be a problem..."

Abby leaned across her desk to whisper to the others, "What do you think happened?"

"Yes, that's fine...no problem...uh-huh...okay."

Ms. Drew hung up the phone and turned to her class, whose attention she already and due to the phone call. "It seems that Mrs. Brenneman rabbit escaped."

"And she left her babies behind?" called out Kevin. The rabbit was due to have her babies any day.

"Fluffy hasn't...or hadn't had the babies yet. Mr. Pickens would like all the classes to carefully go outside so that they can search for Fluffy and, possibly, her babies," Ms. Drew explained, "With less people they think she won't be as afraid to come out. Please watch while you're walking and let me know if you see her."


"How do you think they're going to find the rabbit?" Anna asked Kaylen, Abby, and Dylan from their 'hang out spot' under the middle platform of the jungle gym.

"I bet," George, Dylan's twin brother joined them, "They're going to let Mrs. Heigl's snake find them."

"Dylan laughed, "That would be awesome!"

"More like gross," Abby replied, making a face, "I'm so glad both of you aren't in our class together."

"I'm not! Why do Olivia and Ethan get to be in the same class but not us?" George asked, "They're twins, too."

"Yeah, Kay. Why?" Anna prompted. They are Kaylen's brother and sister so she must know.

Kaylen shrugged, "No idea. Third grade is cooler than fourth grade?"

"No way," Dylan laughed, "Because we're in fourth grade so it is totally cooler."

Olivia, her dark blonde hair in a braid down her back, ran into the 'hang out spot', "Let's play tag! Ethan and Adrien are already playing, but we need more people!"

"We're trying to figure out how they're going to catch Fluffy," Kaylen told her.

"George things they're going to let Mrs. Heigl's snake find her," Dylan said.

"Maybe!" Olivia pondered the idea. "But let's go play. We'll know how they did it after they do it."

"We might as well," Abby said to Kaylen, taking glance to the field, "Your brother and my brother look like they're just running in circles.

"I hope they find Fluffy in time for us to go music," Anna said as they went to join the boys in playing tag.

Chapter 3 - The Fire Alarm

Kaylen, Abby, Anna, and Dylan's class got back to their classroom after music. Fluffy had been found by they didn't know how. Yet. Their music teacher definitely wasn't telling.

“We’re going to go over the math homework answers before our quiz today,” Ms. Drew told the class.

Dylan looked at his friends in slight panic. “We have the quiz today?” He whispered urgently.

The girls nodded.

“She’s only told us like 17 times this week,” Abby whispered back.

Their teacher was interrupted by the screeching of the fire alarm. The class lined up; Kaylen in front of Dylan and Abby behind him.

“Luck for you,” Abby told him, poking his shoulder.

Kaylen turned around briefly while stopped in the hallway, “I bet he had George do it for him.”

“I did not!” Dylan replied, “but it’s not a bad idea.”

Once outside, the classes stood in line, waiting. Anna moved back in the line so that she was between Kaylen and Dylan.

“That was pretty cool! I wasn’t looking forward to math anyway,” Anna bounced, her curly hair bouncing along with her.

Dylan nodded, “I so don’t want to take that quiz today.’

“He forgot,” Kaylen told Anna who had been getting a drink of water at the time.

“How?” she asked, “Ms. Drew has been talking about it since, like, Friday.”

Dylan crossed his arms, “I don’t know!”

“He was too busy thinking about Emily,” Abby teased her friend.

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Was not!”

Kaylen shushed them as their principal, Mr. Pickens, came over to the group of classes waiting.

“The alarm was a false alarm,” he began, “But the fire fighters are having trouble turning it off and they said it will be a while. We’ll have…another recess while they work on the problem.”

The students ran off to play as Mr. Pickens shook his head at the unusual morning causing two recesses already.

“How crazy is this?” asked third-grader Maddie, running over to Dylan, Abby, Kaylen, and Anna.

“It’s because Dylan didn’t want to take the math quiz,” replied Abby.

Dylan shook his head, “No it isn’t! But I don’t want to take that math quiz today. I’m going to go find George and Daniel.”

“They said they were going to play by the baseball field,” Maddie told him.

The girls began walking towards the swings.

“Hey Maddie. Do you know how they found Fluffy?” Kaylen asked.

“No! But I want to know!” Maddie replied, “maybe they used carrots on strings.”

Anna sat on a swing. “Kay, aren’t Liv and Ethan in the class next to Mrs. Brenneman’s? Maybe they know.”

“Oh! Maybe! I think they’re on the other playground, though.” Kaylen hopped on a swing, too. “We’ll ask them at lunch.”

“Today is so weird,” Abby commented, swinging slowly.

Anna twisted in her swing, wrapping the chains together. “Must be because it’s Wednesday.”

“Hey! Let’s play spinning race on the swings,” Kaylen suggested. The other girls agreed right away.

Chapter 4 – Break for Lunch

Kaylen, Abby, and Anna sat together eating lunch. Once they were finished they were going to have a group meeting: Kaylen, Abby, Anna, both sets of twins, Maddie, Adrien, and Emily.

They spread the word once the fire alarm was shut off. Kaylen’s class went to gym glass and told George to tell Adrien that he and Olivia and Ethan were to meet at the ‘hang out spot’ during lunch recess.

The girls ran to the spot as soon as they were allowed outside. They met George and Dylan at the spot and waiting for the younger siblings, Adrien, Olivia and Ethan.

Anna and Maddie chatted about Just Direction while Kaylen and Abby played a clapping game.

The three third graders ran into the spot.

“I heard George pulled the fire alarm,” Ethan announced.

“Nope,” George replied, “I heard it was a first grader.”

“I heard it was Fluffy,” Emily announced.

Adrien laughed, “Fluffy is in her cage.”

“Speaking of that stuff,” Kaylen said, sitting forward, “How did they catch Fluffy?”

Olivia plopped down next to Abby. “Mrs. Brenneman had an idea of where she would be…like not the exact place but the type of place – a warm, dark spot.”

“Aww man!” Exclaimed Dylan, “I was hoping the snake was going to find her.”

“Eww,” Maddie made a face, “snakes are gross.”

“No they’re not,” argued Dylan.

Maddie nodded, “Yes they are.”

“Guys!” Kaylen interrupted, “You are worse than Liv and Ethan.”

Ethan laughed, “And you’re not even brother and sister.”

“No, but they’re cousins,” Adrien said, “close enough.”

“Hey, let’s go join the football game!” George suggested, prompting the boys to run off.

Chapter 5 – Not Feeling So Good

After lunch, Kaylen and her table were reading their books. From the other side of the room came a sound no one wants to hear at school. That was very shortly followed by a chorus of ‘eww’ and ‘oh no’ and Ms. Drew rushing over to help.

“Oh, poor Kevin,” Abby said, “that’s really embarrassing.”

“I’ll be funny later,” replied Dylan, putting his book down to try and see.

Next thing Kaylen and her class know, they were out for recess again – minus Kevin.

Kaylen and Abby had climbed up on the bars of varying height and were sitting on those while Anna attempted to climb one of the connecting poles.

“We should have a sleepover this weekend,” Kaylen suggested to her two friends.

“Where? Anna asked, deciding to now circle the pole.

Abby leaned back and swung upside down. “Your house, you have less siblings.”

“Yeah,” Kaylen agreed, “I have the twin weirdos plus my older sister, and Abby has Adrien and Arielle.”

“Okay! Maybe I can convince Matt to stay over at George and Dylan’s.”

Kaylen jumped off the bars. “Yay! No boys!”

Dylan ran over to them from his conference with some other boys in their class.

“No boys?” he asked, slightly confused.

Anna shook her head, “Doesn’t matter.”

“Okay. Well I talked to Finn and Drew and they said that Kevin ate all the tater tots at his table at lunch on a dare. Then he played tag at recess,” he explained.

“Ew,” the girls replied.

“It was a pretty awesome dare,” Dylan told them, “and it got us another recess.”

Chapter 6 – Water, Water Everywhere

The classroom was cleaned up and smelling a bit better after Kevin’s episode. Kaylen, Abby, and everyone else went back inside for, hopefully, social studies.

“This is almost the best day ever,” Abby said to Kaylen.

“No it’s not! We missed math and science and most of writing…practically everything!” Kaylen pouted.

“We’re not missing social studies,” Abby patted her shoulder.

Just then they heard Mr. Pickens on the PA system.

“Sorry for the interruption,” Mr. Pickens began, “but we are having a water…issue in the building,” he signed, “played take your classes outside while we work on it. Thank you.”

“Best. Day. Ever,” Abby beamed at her friends.

The regular recess group met in their spot to discuss this latest interruption in their day.

“There was water dripping from the ceiling in our classroom,” Olivia told them.

Ethan nodded, “we had to move all our desks and get a bucket.”

“We heard it was like that in some other classrooms, too,” added Adrien.

“I guess Abby is gonna get her wish, then!” Anna told them.

The younger twins looked at her with slight confusion.

“What wish?” Olivia asked.

“For recess all day!” replied Abby, “Five recesses is close enough for me!”
Anywhere_But_NJanywhere_but_nj on December 19th, 2013 09:40 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness. What a CRAZY day! Those poor teachers hahahaha
The kids were cute, though annoying (as children are wont to be)
Aly: SG: Vala grinalygator on December 19th, 2013 11:23 pm (UTC)
I kept having to stop myself from changing to the teacher's POV lol. Ms. Drew could rant and rant about how much work they didn't get done that day, my goodness!
Ashleysweetone41185 on December 19th, 2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
Addisam? Lol.
Aly: GA: mark picklealygator on December 19th, 2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
1) I didn't decide this.
2) RP!Sam is not an asshole.