Aly (alygator) wrote,

In which I suck at participating in landcomms

Sorry about that. I suck.

I went to Cancun a few weeks ago. It was nice and warm and nice and then I got sun poisoning and a stomach bug so the last 2 days were warm and sucky but warm.

Now I am peeling everywhere.

I'm also writing Psych fanfic. Ashely and I just rewatched it. <3 Psych.

Now we're rewatching Farscape.

I'm going to crosspost my Psych fanfic here eventually. Probably tonight.

Loki, our oldest dog - he's almost 9, pinched a nerve in his back last night. We took him to the vet and we're treating him with steroids and muscle relaxers. He takes those for a week and he has VERY restricted activity for the next two weeks. He is currently laying on my desk here at work. He was in a small cage (really a large cat carrier) and he kept crying because he is actually a 2 year old human person and wants to get his way all the time. He should be fine...but if it progresses (we really hope it doesn't) he'll have to get surgery. Yuck.

I need to make some Psych icons or something. Ughh effort.
Tags: !i suck at land comming, ~pets, ~tripsarefun
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