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26 September 2007 @ 10:08 pm
I'm mad at Meredith. I'm mad at a television character. I'm mad at her because she can be really stupid sometimes. I'm not sure why I'm ranting about htis now when she sort of self destructed her relationship with Derek at the end of last season. Maybe its because season 4 starts tomorrow (yaaaay) and I cant be in denial anymore. If you dont know about Grey's Anatomy - which if you know me i dont know how you couldnt know about my anger towards Meredith for this - she and Derek had some problems and most people are like well it will get better. Not Meredith. The whole thing is over if theres any problems. Plus she based her relationship with Derek off of what happened with Cristina and Burke.  Cris and Burke were getting married so Mer was like ok things will be good with her and Derek. But right before the wedding, Burke calls it off and Meredith is like holy crap, that means my 'ship won't work either. Stupid! And Derek even told her that shes the love of his life.  WTF Mer? Cooomme onnnn dude.
But seriously - Derek loves Meredith and hes not gonna fall out of love with her. Hes hooked. Meredith just needs to get the stupid slapped out of her by someone - hopefully Cristina. But I think once you get Meredith back on track she'll realize she was being stupid and she and Derek will get back togheter. They cant have Grey's Anatomy without MEredith and Derek. It started with MerDer, there has to be MerDer, damn it!

If you like MerDer....go read the fic I'm writing with my friend Sara. Its on fanfiction.net andi ts called Tough Love. :D We lub it.
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