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08 October 2007 @ 01:52 pm
4.2 Love/Addiction  

George and Izzie awwwwww!!
MerDer...Mer totally wants him to sleep over but that was cute.  We shouldnt have sleep overs because you snore.
hugs to Cristina! thats some mad present unwrapping skils
"did you see how i walked out of here all detrermined?" haha
Delegating!! Wooo!
Horizontal Mambo lol.
Sexy friends woot. Mer and Derek cant be 'just friends'
Mix Master. That sounds fun.
Would you look at the residents. The big snazzy residents standing around playing with housewears.
Carnage turmps rounds. Write that down. lol And she does!!
Not up late. WEnt to bed early. Early and alone.
Bailey like wants to smack down Callie with that clinic thing.
AAHHH!! its Mama!
lol Tyler and the waffel maker
I'll help. For a mix master and George's current location.
Whats with the baby??
Good going with the clumsyness, Lexie
Mama...woah. I'm kinda scared of her.
I like the patient Callie, Mark, and Iz are working on
Gaaahhhh!! Kiss George and Izzie! Kiss!!
Burn it down with their ineptitude! lol
I love how Derek changed that line he said once he found out about the meth.
Meredith is in the clinic - good job George
Lexie is a creeper
If you have time to stare you have time to get me coffee!!
I love how George just yells "Mrs. Burke!"
Mama is really super perceptive. Its nuts
MerDer and the paging. S&M. Sex and Mochary
Eat your dinner first?? I dont get it! Is Mer just being normal bossy Mer to her non-boyfriend or what?
Go Alex!!
Utoh Alex
Callies in trouuuuuubleeee
Izzie is giving callie reason to think somethings up. Good job Iz
Alex thinks Lexie is hot lol
Derek doesnt know when to walk away...well i think he does but he doesnt want to because he loves Mer so much.
Mark can be a really good friend :D
Idiot or stalker haha
Stop making it so difficult for me not to know you. I love that logic.
I love Bailey! Yelling at Alex in the gallery.
Mer cant let Derek love her because Thatcher chose Lexie. That makes sense now.
Cristina - that was easy enough with Mama.  Do you think Mama is mad at Burke for what he did to Cristina?
Stupid paperwork
Poor Lexie... alittle bit anyway
Callie had a bad day and she needs some good!
Mark says that Derek wont be able to make it and she still doesnt want to go out...what does that mean?
Derek can give her up. If he did then he would have to admit it was over and I think that would break him.
Cristina, I think, should move... move someplace new.