Aly (alygator) wrote,

Grey's Anantomy - Let the Truth Sting

This week was pretty darn good!

Alex and Lexie!! hahahaha
Who is Izzie waiting for?
Cris: "Shes doing McDreamy. she's doing McDreamy and lying about it."
secret break up sex
Edward Herrmann!! I love him!!!!
magic necklace?
60% of her tongue??
Really Old Guy like totally knows everyones secrets.
YESS! Really Old Guy DOES totally know everyone's secrets!
Go Mark and the cheif!
a genius and a scholar.
Cristina is a faker!! fake emotions hehe.
i pulled a splinter out of a guys toe and now im writing about it.
Go Lexie! Do it Lexie! tube him!
Go Meredith! Bein all resident-y
You have apple hair! I threw a pancake in the river! A pancake!!
The surgery will work Connie!! its mark!
Good job, kill Really Old Guy.
the island of broken interns.
Norman talks a lot.
Fake Drama!
A person wants to die, you let them. Its poilte!
-I dont like you!
-Really? I thought we were BFFs
they don't know what happens next?
Bad 50's cliche. George and Izzie awww
Gooo Bailey.
Omg Alex! OMFG! omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
Really Old Guy died! nooooooooooooooooo!!! Now hes Really Dead Guy like he wanted to be :(
GO BAILEY! Interns need to learn that!
LOL Derek.
Meredith hahahaha. Talk and cry. Surgery stealer. Person who is sleeping with Derek.
He didnt snore too loudly. He never complained and always too his meds. hardly ever farted, had 12 surgeries this year and lived through them. Got to practice stuff on him. Go Iz with the truth. Bastard who knew what he wanted.
Mer!! Awwwwww!!
Alex! You ASS!!!
Caaaaalliiiieeeeeee *hugs*

Izzie and Callie next week....
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