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18 October 2007 @ 08:51 pm
GA - The Heart of the Matter  
The tornado watch thing for abc is pink. Oooo

Callie forgives him. I <3 Callie and I feel so bad for her.
Elevator cuteness. 48 hours of uninterrupted this heh. yay.
Smack heads and gang bangers.
We hate the idea of her we just dont hate the actual person.
ROFL george
they have to cut the helmet off.
penmanship saves lives.
ohhh Cristina. haha
"seriously you're an intern?"
i freakin love Norman.
"Stop with the seriously!"
Mutual Meredith Grey-ness
omg, into his head! ewwwww nooooo
Camille! nooooo

Chief: What the hell are you doing to my niece?
My mom: poking holes in her.

poor Camille.
Derek and Lexie laughing...no me gusta.
Sup Lexie.
Will is an ass.
Omg the needles and the head and the omg. gaahhh!!!
ohhhh no camille!!!
omg the traction omg.
Noon in the cafeteria...Callie just wanted to talk. awwwww
You're not sleeping with the old guy.
smart thinking Norman. Lol your yelling has improved.
Nooo Ruthie died! Woah Callie, freak the hell out.
*hugs to Camille*
Go Callie!! I love Izzie and Gizzie but Callie is so right to be that angry at her.
Awww Alex. Awww
Callie, you're in the rain.  Callie needs a really big hug. And some dry clothes.
Aww Derek. Omg thats so freaking her out but omg omg omg yay but Meredith! Merediiiiiiiith. He wants to marry er and have kids with her and build a house and awwwww!!
Alex, that was sweet.