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20 December 2013 @ 11:20 am
My friend's class all but demanded I come to their New Years Eve party this afternoon. It's a NYE party because not everyone celebrates Christmas. Plus when the bell rings at the end of the day they get to do a count down and use noise makers. :D

Part of Wednesday morning went something like this:
Me: So I hear you're having a party on Friday.
Them: You're coming right?!
Me: Uh...yes?

I wait until they're working...
Me: *text my mom to make sure I can leave at 2 to go to their party* *text my friend to make sure it's cool that his students are inviting me to his party*

I am, somehow, super popular with his class. I don't understand! I had sliiiight interaction with them like once last year when I observed the 2nd grade teachers. I do understand why my friend, L's 1st graders like me - 98% of them were our Kindergarten buddies last year. But this. I don't get it! lol
18 December 2013 @ 08:44 pm
Background before the story!

It is fanfic-ish. It's like realistic fiction + RP...

I subbed for my friend today. Monday I was texting him to say we could totally have recess when I sub because I have a warm coat. Plus, recess as a sub is awesome.

Anyway, he was like yeah I plan on two in the morning and three in the afternoon. I happened to be subbing on a Wednesday and I was like cool, the 5 recesses of Wednesday. Somewhere in the conversation I decided that could be like a kid's book. Because what kid wouldn't love a day of recess?? He actually gave me ideas/reasons for the recess.

I haven't written fanfic in a while because I actually have free time lol. So in my brain I was thinking about actually writing a little something but then I would have to come up with kids. Except in the Grey's twitter RP there was a freaking baby boom and there are like 49235 kids. (If you need to check this out, I'm @Teddy_Sloan and I only follow the other RP characters). And, okay, not really 49235 but enough so that only about 3 kids in this fic-ish thing I wrote are legit made up - they're the ones who have really small parts. I wrote most of this at work yesterday

I wanted to share this, but fanfiction.net didn't seen like the right place for it since its fic based on RP lol.

So let me familiarize you with the kids and to whom they belong. Most of you who are reading this are in the RP so you know already...

RP couple - kids and ages in RP
Mark/Teddy - Kaylen (2 1/2), Olivia and Ethan (8 months, twins), Sloan Riley (what, 22?)
Izzie/Alex - Abby (3), Adrien (21 months), Arielle (5 months)
Meredith/Derek - George and Dylan (like 4? twins)
Cristina/Owen - Anna (3 1/2) and Matthew (2)
Addie/Sam - Emily (3) and Colin (4 months)
Callie/Arizona - Daniel (3 or 4)
Amelia/Riley - Maddie (2)

In my original draft the teachers were Grey's and PP doctors but if this is to work in Grey's/rp-verse that would be weird. Sorry, Dr. Webber, you were a good principal in my head.

ETA: LJ DIDN'T EMAIL ME ABOUT THE COMMENTS! Geek!Sam icon is now appropriate because because me = geek + annoyed.
ETA2: JK...gmail just decided at some point that LJ emails were spam.

On with the show

The Five Recesses of WednesdayCollapse )
Yeah, me either.

Student teaching ends and bam one post and then I disappear!


I have run 8.5 miles and I want to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) next year. Over the summer I ran a 2 mile run with some of my kids + other students and I ran like 2 5ks. Season changes suck for running...the whole lung freaking out thing. Winter also sucks because cold is stupid.

I haven't been sick since I was in NJ for Pants' wedding in July. Zomg it's been more than 4 months. I'm cured!

I took 3 trips this summer. To NJ for the wedding, to Louisiana to visit my bff's sister + family, and to NJ to visit Sara for a weekend because I was working a lot and had the money.

Work. Work without school is weird. 2 jobs is crazy sometimes. I'm working at the office and subbing. The first plan was to work at the office through September then they would hire someone else and I would sub. I'm glad that didn't happen. My sister works at the office for me the days I'm subbing. I like to sub because I like to teach. However, subs aren't given much to teach and - had I a teaching job - I would be the same way. The teacher wants to introduce the new information and assess and stuff. Subs don't get to be awesome. Plus most of the time the kids drive me crazy. I sub a lot at the school where I student taught. I am an inexplicable celebrity there at times lol.

I have been reading a lot. Not nearly as much as some people but a lot.

I should get into a landcomm again...but idk what. Perhaps Erin would know of one. Or Ashely. If either one of you read this and know of a comm, tell me!

We're going to Cancun in February. Muy emocionado! Warm! And we have this thing added to our cell plan that lets us use our data and 1000 minutes in Mexico and Canada. Winning.

Time to get ready to go sub!
09 May 2013 @ 05:46 pm
I started running in January and I was running on the treadmill. It was hard at first. I started at 20 minutes and it was a really hard 20 minutes. But I got better endurance and got up to 30 mins. I wheeze like crazy when I run but I use my inhaler before running. I don't know how people can carry on conversations while they run. I can talk but its a couple words at a time and it is broken up.

About a month ago I started running outside. My former cooperating teacher has a running group of kids at the school where I student taught and starting the end of April they meet twice a week every week until a race the first Saturday in June. 2 miles. I joined this group and I haven't died. It is harder running outside than on a treadmill and yesterday I ran 3 miles in 34 minutes. It was awesome.

I don't know any other runners who have asthma so I took to the internet and I found Ros who has a very helpful 101 about running with asthma. What is awesome is that what happens to me is normal...or, well, normal for someone with asthma.

So...3 miles. Thats basically a 5k. I'm hoping to maybe, one day, do a half marathon. 13.1 miles. That would be pretty awesome. But I think I would want someone to do it with me. idk.

Anyway, running is awesome. Running with kids is fun.
19 April 2013 @ 06:34 am
My last 9 days of student teaching were fun. Sad, but fun. I observed almost all the other teachers and in doing so, realized how similar my teaching style and philosophy are to my CT's. And it turns out that while I was out of the room, they were all busy with more than just school work.

Rewind to yesterday. I was doing very well at not crying! Some students brought me gifts and drawings. We had a normal morning. I told my CT I wanted to have a recess this afternoon because it was so warm. We were planning on being rebels and not going to the 5th grade music rehearsal assembly because it was my last day. We had lunch. I almost cried after lunch because our kindergarten buddy class made me cards and that teacher put them all in an envelope for me. I told the kids our buddies made me cards and my most attached student, M, was like you need to tell them to back off because you're mine! My kids did independent reading after lunch, went to gym, did math after gym. He had them put their math away and asked if I wanted to give them the duct tape flower pens I made them. So I did that. They all opened the cards I wrote to them and showed off their pens and I didn't cry. I thought we were done and I was all ready to go out for a recess. But CT brings out this big tote bag and hes like Oh, we got a little something for you.

I was doing good! I pulled out the nylon bag and the hat and the laptop case - it was all stuff with the school's name on it. Then I started opening the wrapped gifts. He got me a book of fun sheets which is something he uses if he needs to fill some time, 3 lateral thinking puzzle books that we have used with the kids if we have some time left at the end of the day, and a duck call. He uses a duck call to call the kids in from recess when he takes them out. Mine sounds a little more like a baby duck but thats okay. He also gave me a Harry Potter thumb drive which contains everything from his directory at school. Lessons, activities, field trip stuff, all the things.

And then we get to what made me cry. There was a binder and he said oh thats some articles I printed for you that I thought would be useful. But I opened it and he goes oh wait, thats right. And each of the kids wrote me a Tips for Being a Good Teacher. He put it on construction paper and put it in the binder. That started the crying and then I pulled out the big card he made with pictures of them all and they all signed it. I think the kids were excited that they made me cry lol.

I was mobbed in a giant group hug as they were getting ready for recess. Everyone else was at the assembly. We went out side, me wearing the hat they gave me and I took my baby duck call. He and I were standing, watching them play as we normally do and he goes you know, it would be okay if you went to play with them.

I love playgrounds!

So I played with them. It was awesome.

There was a storm coming. We were under a tornado watch all day which made me anxious. But we were outside and we saw the crazy dark clouds coming. We had planned to stay out for the rest of the afternoon but we went back inside because dark clouds. We got back to our room and it began to rain. Perfect timing. The last 15 minutes was a fun sheet! And I read their tips for me.

Summary of the tips:
Keep dying my hair
Dye my hair different colors
Give a snack time
Wear a dress
Give more recess
Don't give a snack time
Teach 4th grade
Read aloud Hatchet again
Keep the same expectations all year
Don't wear a dress
Teach 2nd or 3rd grade

I was curious as to how they wrote those tips so I asked how they had time to do them. While I was observing the other classes they were working on the tips. And they had a plan for if I came back unexpectedly. They had out their paragraph editing and if I came back and they were working on it, they were to slide the paragraph editing sheet over their writing. The kids said they did end up being a little jumpy and they had some false alarms if classmates came back from the bathroom lol.

I foiled their plans for yesterday because I was going to observe a 4th grade teacher but she ended up having a meeting and wasn't there so I was in the room and the kids couldn't make their video but I'm okay with that. I love what they gave me.

And, when I talked to the principal at the end of the day to make sure he got his thank you card, he said if I need a letter of recommendation just let him know :D
19 March 2013 @ 08:09 pm
So I haven't updated in almost a month.

Everything is going awesomely. I've subbed 4 times for my CT. The most recent time was yesterday and he was pulled to sub in kindergarten. He did not enjoy his time in kindergarten. It sounds like it would have been very funny to see him in there, though.

I have a month left with student teaching and I don't want it to end. I love the people there and the kids and teaching and I don't want to goooo!!! I will not cry on the last day. I will not! (I probably will).

I have a seminar at school tomorrow and my CT will be subbing for me. That will be fun haha. He has to do reading groups, math, and ...maybe recess depending on time.

On Thursday we have math PD after school. I feel like its really beneficial to me so that is nice. We're learning about math workshop and I didn't learn how to do math workshop in math methods so I'm on the same 'idk wtf is going on' boat with everyone else.

Like I told Ashley, I am thinking about student teaching and student teaching related things all the time. Its a good thing I'm not running a SL phase because its like teaching, planning, teaching, doing the unit analysis assignment, thinking about starting my portfolio, getting anxious about not finding a job, teaching, planning, being sad that I'm almost done, teaching, planning, not starting my portfolio, teaching.

My CT has been amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better CT. He's an awesome mentor but he's also a friend and he doesn't mind if I text him a bunch of times asking questions. He has awesome expectations for the kids and a great classroom set up that I want to copy.
21 February 2013 @ 02:59 pm
Monday I taught the entire day myself. And my CT spent most of the day in the teacher's lounge reading up on math and math workshop. It was pretty interesting to be by myself. Most of the kids were good but I had some talkers talk more because he wasn't there. I talked with them and my CT talked with them Tuesday and it seems to be better.

Math. Because I had talkers and kids who felt that since I wasn't their 'teacher' they could act out more, I had to give consequences and follow through with them. In math we played the flyswatter game with multiplication. I made 2 kids sit down after a few minutes because they couldn't wait patiently and quietly. I ended the game early because after 2 warnings the class as a whole was getting really noisy.

Then we had computers and I asked them to line up quietly. Quietly was not how they did it. So I made them sit down and try it again. The second time was much better.

Tuesday was better than Monday so yay. I gave them the editing activity I made up called Edit My Friends. I complied tweets and fb statuses (along with some made up tweets because there weren't enough) and had them edit those things. It went pretty well.

Now we're on break. Weird 2 day week.

Monday we have a lockdown drill. My first lockdown drill. And I don't know when it is, just that its on Monday. If we don't find out the time I may ask CT to hang out in the room until it happens because while the kids have had a drill before, I haven't and he has the keys so I wouldn't be able to lock the door either.

Oh, yesterday CT and I went to the location of our next field trip (March 14) to suss things out and become familiar with what we'll be doing. I am running the field trip (oh crap) but I'm pretty sure I kind of know what I'll be doing.

Monday after school I'll also be going to 4th grade teacher, A's, math club again and then I'm going to math PD. Because I'm not good at math and PD is always good. I went to math club this Monday and on Tuesday like 3 of the kids saw me and were like 'did you like math club?!' I told them I did and I would have to go again. So I might be going to math club every Monday now :D

I did math planning yesterday until I got to the end of volume 1. So...now I can't do anymore because I don't have the volume 2 book. And I'm up on reading groups. But I'm having trouble coming up with questions for the 3 page chapter 12 of Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses.

There are 5 weeks until spring break. And after break I have 9 more days of student teaching. NO ME GUSTA!!
09 February 2013 @ 04:46 pm
We had a snow day on Friday. The second snow day since I've been student teaching. I did not want either.

Thursday was a half day because of non-mandatory PD so my CT and I worked on things...well he worked on something and I sat around. I had a little freak out about math. He went to help another teacher with something and I was like okay, self, you will not cry. And I was fighting a losing battle. I had my period plus I was just being a spaz...and he came back and asked if I was okay. That seems to just make me cry if I'm already heading that way.

Like: are you okay?
*nods but starts crying*

But we got it all sorted out and I'm good now. I guess we just need little spaz attacks sometimes.

Another teacher gave me a bunch of bulletin board borders so that was awesome.

So, yeah, snow day on Friday. I woke myself up around 5am by somehow flicking my nose ring in my sleep. I checked online and other districts around mine were closed but not mine yet. My CT wakes up like really effing early so I texted him and I realize now that if I'm half asleep I do not detect sarcasm very well lol. I had things to do on Friday! Spelling tests, Friday paragraphs, Friday folders! Now Friday paragraphs and spelling tests will be on monday and the new paragraph editing and spelling words won't be until Tuesday. Thanks, snow, you messed up my week!

It turns out I'm not taking over math next week because my CT wants to finish some things he's doing. I'm a little anxious about getting my 5 weeks of having the whole class but even if I take over the week after I'll have it. So...good.
06 February 2013 @ 06:06 pm

I am done with a about a month of student teaching and there is like 2 1/2 ish months left...I don't want it to end! I'm teaching everything except math. I take on math next week. It's so much fun. I love teaching them and I kind of wing it sometimes but it works out. I'm having a lot of trouble teaching writing because I have so many different levels of kids. My cooperating teacher said writing is basically the hardest on to teach and he says I'm doing a good job so that makes me feel less like crying when it doesn't go well lol.

The other teachers are really awesome, too. One of the 4th grade teachers lives in my sub - we discovered this on Monday and we can carpool sometimes. One of the other 3rd grade teachers has been really helpful. There are 3 third grade teachers. M is awesome and she gave me some suggestions for writing. K is nice but idk I really like her teaching style. Somehow she is one writing unit ahead of us and I do want to talk to her about what she did with the unit I'm on now.

My CT actually like gave me his desk. Theres a small table with another computer at the front of the room and he has been using that. He was like well you're taking over so you should get the desk and everything, too! I feel special. He runs this running group - the city has a 2 mile run in June so he gets kids together who want to run and forms a little team and do this run and they meet twice a week in May and practice. So I told him I'm coming back to participate in that.

I got my CT the awesomest thank you gift for when I'm done. He gives the kids a new pencil each month. It has their name on it so theres no 'he took my pencil!!' 'no it was MY pencil!'. I found an etsy maker who can engrave pencils and use specific brands. My CT only uses Ticonderoga. Soooo I got the maker to get those kind and engrave his name. So excited for them to come. Plus I'm going to get him a Barnes and Nobel gift card. Who is awesome? Me!

Tomorrow is a half day with two specials in the morning so I won't be getting a ton done. Friday there is a blood drive and I'm donating blood after school.

10 January 2013 @ 08:50 pm
The first full week of student teaching is almost over. Its going well so far. We came back to school last Thursday but last Thursday and Friday were crazy and not normal. So far I'm doing Scholastic News and the read aloud. Next week I add on Paragraph Editing and spelling. I was pretty anxious last week but once my cooperating teacher and I went through the schedule and decided what I was taking over each week I felt a lot better.

My cooperating teacher is awesome. He has really good classroom management, he's been teaching for like 22 years and pretty much he's the go to guy for the other teachers at the school. I'm his first student teacher so we're both kinda like what do we do now? We're getting the hang of it.

In 2 weeks I take over writing so I've been looking at the unit trying to figure out what its actually saying I have to do each lesson. Its written in a workshop format which is usually like an hour long each time. But we don't really do workshop so first, I have to figure out the procedure from their weird suggested dialogue and odd formatting and then figure out what I'm going to do each do where we do writing for about half an hour. I like workshop model but 1) we do so much stuff each day that we don't have an hour to spend on writing and 2) the kids wouldn't be able to stay on task for that long.

After writing, I think the trickiest will be Social Studies. I feel like he has a lot of knowledge to add into the student text and I don't. So I'll have to figure that out.

We have a meeting tomorrow afternoon - he's on a committee and I'm supposed to go to teacher meetings. Idt committee meetings are required but I'm going to see what its like and at the break, I can go back to the classroom if I want to help out the sub. We'll see.

Basic summary - student teaching started with anxiety. Now there is just a lot to know, less anxiety. YAY.

M, one of my students, looooves One Direction. I made the mistake of mentioning Harry Styles because he's the only one I know the name of. Today she was like "do you want to daaate Harry?" and I was like uh, I don't even know how old he is. So I looked it up and I was like "oh he's 18. I don't think so." and N, one of the boys, was like "YOU'RE TOO OLD FOR HIM!!" LOL